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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
The Bali Bombs - rounds 1 & 2
Mixed emotions took over my mind when I heard the news.

Kuta hit again.

Jimbaran Bay, the restuarant I had taken Gee-oh for a romantic dinner at only March.... little over 6 months ago.

Not to mention, that a very close family friend had her fiance die in the first bomb, and that my mothers boyfriend had been eating at that very same restaurant only 2 days before.

What ever the people who did this thought- Islamist Extremists like Jemaah Islamiyah-, other Anti-West preachers who may not have any religious background.

They did not get their message across, and unless their aim was to bring great sadness upon other human beings- they failed.

I am angry. I am sad. I want my opinion heard. I want my government to do something about it.

I want the government to stand up to the indonesian government, and demand they declare Jemaah Islamiyah outlawed. They should then make gather information and find what they really are involved in, who they encompasse - and how largely they are supported.

The only way to land a fish, is to make sure no bigger fish follows it to the boat.

here is some poetry I wrote for victims of both Bali Bomb rounds 1 & 2


I write a message in hope to help.
But there’s little I could say,
to deal with what you were dealt..

I hope the pain does soon subside...
That you again can hold a smile, and feel truly good inside...

Remember the times he made you smile, and the pain may pass.
If only for a little while.

The times together and apart you cried.
Love filled tears of joy, even though he died.

The memory remains and if you hold it true.
Its very greatness will always bring a smile to you.

So I hope this helps, to help you see,
that though life was lost, he still lives through thee.

I'm sorry if, this brings back bad things.
But remember, 'in your heart, its love that rings.

Written For Tammie Linfoot
by Luke(y) Skinner - 11/10/03 - I hope it helps... *hugZ*
(Her Boyfriend was a Bali Bomb round 1 Victim)

Round 2

I couldn't believe the first time,
though a friend of mine was there.

I can't believe a second time...
No friend of mine was there.

Now why don't people understand,
and how the hell is life haram?

Why do people seem not to care,
and why have bombs been over there?

Too many questions, with no time to ask.
Too many deaths, and now fear of the past.

I feel for those victims,
and you should see.
These tears come from inside,
for you- from me.

Dedicated to the victims of Bali Bomb round 2 -
written by Luke(y) Skinner 9/10/05

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