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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Support, Smiles and Something New :)
ahhhh yes,
never have I fealt quite so supported in my life.
Those who bother(ed) to read/leave comments in the comments sections of my posts will know that I have received lots of support for sending asthma medication to dear little Sunshine .

I might just post a few of the comments, that brought the biggest smile to my face and nearly brought a tear to my eye =)

Thank you all for your kind words, and realise that it is not really such a big thing to do, a few hours of work, a couple of lies to the doctor and a few AU$, and it was all over.

I am sure there are many things you could all do similarly, find blogs from people in need, send them an email pledging support however possible, then find a way to make that support worth-while. It is the ultimate purpose of blogging - networking, connecting, interacting and helping.

Make the world a better place, and as Sunshine would say - "shine brightly always"

--- enjoy these quotes like I did, and thank you all so much for writing me and wishing me a happy birthday :)

(from Sunshine's Grandpa) Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday-Thanks for your efforts on behalf of Sunhine. While we do not agree on the war, we do agree Sunshine is a very special person. Thanks again!

(from Mad Canuck)
Hi Olive,

Happy (belated) birthday - hope it was good.

On the inhalers, I do know the mail is working to Mosul, although it is a bit slow. I sent some CDs to another friend of mine there, and she got them, so Sunshine should get the inhalers. It was very kind of you to send them.

(from Jack Bennet)

I've been reading Sunshine and Mama's blog from the beginning and I'm so pleased. You did great and helped someone out (and the fact that its as sweet a person as Sunshine makes it all the better). To quote Kipling: "You're a better man than I, Gunga Din"

and finally (from Hassan)


Happy Birthday to you, how old are you now, 20 right. That would make you my same age... Hehe.. would like to know you, maybe email??....
(ask Sunshine about me if you want..)

--- well I am actually 19, and I am no better a man than you Jack Bennet, I just thought of it first. Maybe now you would do the same thing if you could. Maybe you will find something else to do for someone else to make you feel as good as I will feel when Sunshine finally sends me the email to say the inhalers have arrived into HER HANDS :)
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