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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
The wonderful world of blogging
Ahh so it seems my secret identity has been blown, well not that I kept it secret anyway. My little sister Cassie has created her own blog- go check it out and support her attempts :) give her advice coz I'll just tell her to write about iraq :P

here's the link- check it out:


and my always hilarious girlfriend (WHO DOESN'T READ MY BLOG ANYMORE BECAUSE 'ITS TO CRAP') has posted on her blog again (for about the second time in god-knows-how-long, what a responsible little blogger she turned out to be :P~ ner ner)

heres the link:


My sister is 13 next year, slightly younger than the well-know and well-loved Sunshine. She is a reader, and also a marvellous singer. She has a solo last week with a choir of 420 people backing her, and she was brilliant!

Anyway, everyone should go check her blog out, and leave some comments on Geeoh's blog because she feels lonely and left out :*(
Blogger Gee Oh! said...
i'm responsible!! :o
and i read it sometimes.....

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