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Thursday, April 17, 2008
Everything must change
There comes a line when politicking blurs the mind of even the most intelligent and compassionate people and I believe I have long ago past that point. I believe I have been mislead into not seeing both realities of the world; the political reality and the individual reality.

The political reality is the one where everything is examined as part of a greater whole; "in context". The individual reality is the one about which your care for each individual equally; or at least care an equal amount for the rights and lives of each individual you know of, and more so for those you know personally.

There also comes a time when reality hits home as one of those you truly care for has issues that cannot be solved easily; and especially when you have no control or even influence over the prevailing circumstance and the decisions that then need to be made.

Recently Sunshine's father has been receiving death threats.

It has been going on a while now. Sunshine is a 16 year old girl from Mosul in Northern Iraq who has been both an inspiration and a friend to me. She has also been some what of a "student" of mine in that I help her with life and with anything I may and she looks up to me for it.

Unfortunately I feel hopeless with fear when I hear of the conditions she lives in worsening in such a way; when it gets beyond the point I believe her and her family capable of handling. Where to turn to now?

Where's my government stand on all this?

Why aren't we opening our arms to thousands of refugees from the country we've invaded?

Why are we so fearful of a backlash if we do let these people enjoy our better lives?

Don't we need more skilled workers, doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers, lecturers and tradesmen?


Who do I have to sleep with to get a REAL say in this "democracy"?

Who can I actually speak to that has enough influence to relay my messages and give me a chance to argue for immediate foreign policy change?

Why must I spend years of planning and hard work to even get a word in? Is my opinion not as equal as those who sit in the seats of power and influence? Must I be an old man (or woman) with money, a family and a working history somehow related to Australian politics before I can be heard?

I'm going to march down to my local MP at the next possible time and demand an audience. I'm going to continue doing this until I get an ear that will listen and represent me truly. It is time to make a change in this government; it is time to make a change in this world. Anger and frustration has taken over my cool headed approach of complying with the system and earning my way to the top. I will continue with that method only for the fact I know it will work, but I shall not ignore the other.

It's time to start moving and start walking.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
5 Years too many.
It's the 5th anniversary of perhaps the biggest atrocity my country has been involved in since my coming into the ability to understand the consequences of war. Iraqi's; I apologize that I FAILED to stop the invasion those years ago; and i PROMISE to make as much of a mends as can be made; when the chance to do so should arise.

*nothing else to say*.