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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Faiza al-Araji & Nadia
Olivebranch Network contributor and blog-mum Faiza al-Araji, aswell as Nadia from "Talking About Iraq" are two out of many Iraqi's who have suggestions and strong emotions about how to build a peacefull, unified future for Iraqi's. Please, read their suggestions through these links: (Faiza) (Nadia) - and keep returning here to find more suggestions from Iraqi's and non-Iraqi's (particularly myself), on how to achieve this peacefull endgame in Iraq.

Our world is full of brilliant ideas, particularly our own little intensely political microcosm we call the blogosphere. I have spent long hours looking for suggestions which could lead towards a re-unification of the Iraqi people which would allow a rebuilding of nationalism within Iraq. I have found many articles and suggestions from Iraqi's and foreigners alike. I have developed my own ideas over time, some of which I would no longer agree with, many of which I believe still hold true to this day.

The blogosphere is abound in ideas on how to create a better society and I personally believe the blogosphere in itself produces better examples of community than those in which our home and work lives are based. The blogosphere though highly political and full of controversy, transcends daily politics. There is little mudslinging though admittedly some. People who disagree tend to choose between ignoring one another or having ideological debates. Unfortunately an element of commenters tend to attack the bloggers unnecessarily, but their attacks are little more than text and are often simply discarded or retorted. Bloggers converse endlessly which refines their opinions, comments are a great source of peer-review especially when it comes from other bloggers whome they respect (and probably when it comes from some of the ones they didn't) .

What role will blogging play in the future of media, and particularly of war and humanitarian crisis reporting? Hopefully my study of the Iraqi blogosphere and other similar [english-language] uses of blogging technology could produce some results worth applying to my university studies in both my Journalism and Internet Communication Technology classes.

(Regular updates on this topic may commence immediately if it is accepable to use for my studies in ICT class so please return soon and leave a message if you find any good links on this topic!).


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Blogger jhondie said...
Hey Luke! Did you hear the Good News!? Maliki is actually arresting people in the GOvernment with links to Militias! Well The ones he can't control, but its a start :)

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