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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Saddam's Execution
There are many reasons that Saddam Hussein's execution will be remembered as one of the important political events of 2006, probably a close behind the Democratic takeover of Congress in the US. There are so many points to discuss in considering whether this execution was a fitting end to Saddam's tale, or whether there were better options. I for one believe the latter, and will be arguing so through-out this post. It may become a little long winded but I will try to stay on topic.

I for one believe an execution is definately a fitting end to the rule of any tyrant- yet I also believe that a humans worth should be totally exhumed before the wasting of their life- and this is especially applicable to calculated, paranoid dictators like Saddam. Saddam Hussein probably had enough knowledge of dodgy-politics to sink the current Iraqi' government, to identify all the criminals who are involved in todays political process, and have their prior histories named for the new legal system to deal with. He could even have taken up the history of US-Iraqi relations to reveal the real truth behind the souring of Saddam//US relations.

Saddam and Saddam alone would definately have intelligence which could reveal the truth about Iran's nuclear program, I'm sure he's been watching it develop for decades. He probably knows who is leading the Sunni insurgency. He probably also has a list of Shia likely to be involved in armed revolt against the current government, particularly of those who support an extremist version of Shia Islam. For all we know he probably even knows where these groups are likely to operate from, and in which schools and houses their torture chambers could be located.

More over this was an opportunity for the international community to restore some kind of credibility to itself and stop acting like a bunch of power-hungry four year old, jerking this way and that towards a senseless series of wars in which non-friendly dictators and various other leaders get executed by their own peoples as a sign of "development". However that would mean the world intervening in America's little power-play, and apparently thats out of the question. What we could really use in Iraq right now is the UN to step in and say "OK US, PULL OUT YOUR TROOPS 100%. WE ARE MOVING IN WITHOUT YOU TO BRING THIS COUNTRY BACK TO ITS FEET".

But what are the UN relegated to? Standing by and watching as a government elected under US occupation, in an election deemed corrupt and not up to international standards, fulfills its sectarian desire for revenge against the former dictator without fully considering the implications of such a sudden death.

I will leave you with a question now.

Is it better to find revenge or justic?

Saddam was executed for death of 148 people and the arrest of 399 others. Thats great for those..... 547 victims and their families, but what about the other millions who suffered under saddams long, brutal rulership? What justice will be served for them by this execution, if their cases must remain unsolved forever.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
nice post :D

Blogger chikitita said...
You spoke my mind Lukey.

Blogger A&Eiraqi said...
I know that Saddam had commited many crimes worse than Al-Dujail, yet, what happend in Al-Dujail wasn't something accepted, yes he should be punished for all his crimes not for one of them , but he has got what he deserved.
I agree with everybody saying that the film of Saddams' execution was horrible , and it inform us to forget our dream of united non-sectarian democratic IRAQ.
The problem is a bit bigger now, Arabic media and even people in Arabic countries are trying to divide us more and more, they try to insult more than half of the Iraqi society, they started saying frankly that shiites are worse and more dangerous than Israil, this was on one arabic channel.
I know that we are in terrible period , but , we shouldn't allow them to divide us, Saddam is not sunni to consider it an insult to sunnis, he is a beast, and anyone who wants to defend him is saying one thing: "I don't care about you Iraqis, you're nothing".
Even in this terrible period we should try to respect each other, if most of Iraqis are happy for his execution we should not exagerate the situation, it's not a matter if he was executed on Saturday , Sunday or Friday, he's gone .
Many people feel insulted when somebody defend that man,he hurt them,he killed their relatives and tortured them as much as possible , we should respect them, they deserve that.Moreover many peopel consider our criticisim to his execution as a support for him or for them as they wanted to defend him,few days ago there was sms sent to many mbiles with the Iraqi map upside down, they want to say no Iraq without Saddam , we shouldn't allow them.
good luck

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