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Friday, November 10, 2006
Saddams Penalty
On Sunday the 5th of November an event occurred which shook, and sometimes shocked members of the Iraqi blogosphere; Saddam Hussein was sentanced to death. For those who don't know the court case was in relation to the slaughter of 148 civilians in the town of Dujail 1982, as revenge for a failed attempt to assasinate Saddam Hussein. Iraqi's in the Middle Eastern blogosphere reacted in different ways- but one thing was clear; they know he's guilty, but is he getting off too easy?

The first and most important place to start with this report is over at Asterism. Here Salam Adil has already written a round-up of discussion about the Saddam verdict in the Iraqi Blogosphere; make sure you check it out. Next most important is probably this post by Zeyad from Healing Iraq, also a round-up of the Iraqi blogosphere's responses. Another round-up of responses from the Iraqi blogosphere was also completed this week, however this time not from within the Iraqi blogosphere; the Christian Science Monitor (which conduct's probably the best Iraqi-reporting in American media) have used Iraqi' bloggers as a key source in an article discussing the verdict.The article "Iraq's bloggers weigh in on Hussein death sentence" was written by Arthur Bright and compares the differing responses from George W Bush, the Baath party, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki with those of several prominant Iraqi bloggers.

The rest of this roundup will attempt to develop and understand the dominant arguments being presented through the Iraqi blogosphere in relation to the verdict. There are several of these arguments, ranging from those who believe this will have a huge impact, through to those who believe it will make little to no difference at all.

Lets begin with those who obviously don't think this will make Iraq better; there is Fatima and her neighbourhood who aren't celebrating, Truth About Iraqi's, Zuzu thinks the whole charade is organised to increase the tension in iraq. Zeyad thinks this will all play into the hands of al-Sadr and al-Hakim, the post also includes a translation of the response by Shalash al-Iraqi. Sam at "An Iraqi's Thoughts" is glad the verdict has finally come but still see's troubled times ahead for Iraq. Khalid at "Tell Me A Secret" doesn't believe Saddam's sentance will improve the situation at all and believes that Saddam's death will probably be held off until a politically "convenient" time.

Then there's those who are celebrating or think it is atleast a small step forwards; Hammorabi, Dr Nazhad Khasraw Hawramany from "Iraqi Kurdistan", Sooni and probably others. Similarly, Asterism see's this as a gift to the Mehdi army- do some research and make up your own mind about wether that is good or bad for Iraq.

However others think Saddam should not be hung-yet, because thats too easy (Neurotic Iraqi Wife), or that hanging him will make very little difference in the over-all scheme of things. Marshmallow is neither against nor for it, she does not FEEL anything about it; she just wants Iraq to be on it's feet again. Riverbend reminds us that presidents and governments come and go; it's not all about the man it's about the feeling of being a pawn in someone elses game of chess. Hala_S looks at the reality of the situation; even as all this is going on, Iraqi's are still "not allowed to be happy" and are being broken into smaller factions.

There is only one firm conclusion here: Saddam deserve's to suffer for what he has done. Which leaves us with another firm question, is death by hanging enough for a man whose hands are soaked in so much blood?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"There is only one firm conclusion here: Saddam deserve's to suffer for what he has done. Which leaves us with another firm question, is death by hanging enough for a man whose hands are soaked in so much blood?"
I am sorry you concluded your round up with the above paragraph!
I wanted to write and comment but with all the different opinions I did not think that mine will make any difference or have any effect. I worte once and I was accused of being one of the old Mukhabarat (intelegance)agents!
People seem to be forgetting already the dailing bloodshed on the hands of the present so called rulers? Saddam was not an angel and no perfect leader but for God's sake tell me who in the developing world would not hang or execute opponents if they make an assasination attempt on his life?
If they accused him of plundering the wealth of the country then what are they doing now? Only yesterday Mehdi al-Hafidh deposited huge amounts of money in one of the Arab Bank Branches in Amman (I will not mention which one). tell me how did he earn this money. All those Iraqis who are in power now or working in the Green Zone have their families go abroad for shopping Gold in the Gulf if not elsewhere.
the killings are taking place by Iraqis, Iranians and Israelis. This what an Iraqi from Karada/Jaderiyah district said to me over the phone and who is not a politician or a Ba'thist or belongs to any sect with devilish practices. He is a layman who wants to live in peace and raise his children like any normal father . By the way he belongs to the Shia sect of loyal Arabs.
I also do not understand why the Sunnis hate Saddam so much while he kept away the same Pro Iranians and arrogant blockheaded Iranians out of Iraq!
I never taught my children to discriminate between any Iraqi no matter who he/she reflects. I am in my 50s and have been married to a man from the other sect of Islam i belong to for almost 30 years. You are still young and therefore I advise you not to take everything written in the blogs for granted. The geography of Iraq has been manipulated to satisfy the Iranians, Turks, Kurdish and other nasty Arabs. Kuwait is Iraqi land no matter what and though i disagreed with Saddam's invasion of Kuwait but I will always teach my children that it was severed from Iraq like al-Iskandaroona was severed from Syria in favor of Turky! and Palestine was usurped from its own people I can go on telling you about history and geography of the Arabs with the neighbours and the colonialists of the old times but you may not believe me because people with my mentality do not get to be heard. I know what i am talking about whether it was concerning the politics of the West (I lived in the States and in the UK) or the East. It is not Saddam who broght the armies from all over the world to Iraq but the greed of mankind and the safety of Israel. Have a nice day

Blogger olivebranch said...
You know I am agreeance with you- the way I ended the article is not meant to infer he should be torchered- I should rephrase it. This man had such a value of information that has gone to waste.

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