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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Go look for yourself! http://www.moqawama.net has been "suspended"!

So it didn't take long for the USA to get formally involved in this now did it. I bet there has been some secret actions in the USA to block Moqawama.net ; the Hezbollah website, from the internet. So much for democracy and free speech and equality of ideas and opinion.

In the modern world if you don't come inline with the demands of Israel the USA pulls some strings until you do; like any good puppet regime would. Here is half of the world believing the USA is working through it's puppet Israel, well I'm sorry to say this is more of a case of the bigger brother being too stubborn to admit the little brother did something wrong. It would ruin the families reputation you know; kill the victim so he never tells anyone whats going on.

Now I don't read the Hezbollah website myself, for one thing I don't want ASIO on my back; the fact that I send and receive sooo many emails from Iraq & the Middle East each day probably looks suspicious anyway. But the people I talk to are not religious fanatics, and even those who are somewhat religiously conservative are very intelligent and have good reasoning not blind faith. Anyway, some of my friends overseas do read the Hezbollah site, and not because they are terrorists but rather because they are ideologically prone to accepting recent Hezbollah actions and rejecting the actions of the Israeli Defense Force; an idea I can somewhat agree with. I did say somewhat.

Hezbollah joined the fight at an opportune moment when Israel was unexpecting. They have played this war clean and clever. They have used the media to turn public opinion in their favour, while Israel; as allways; stick to their bull-headed our-way-or-no-way approach.

Call me an anti-semite or whatever foolish names you can conjour I don't really care. Anyone who wants to go down that avenue when commenting will just be blocked; I dont care for it. If you want to debate what I say and can ACTUALLY debate factually; logically and emotively with sources to back your statements, then PLEASE do so.

So these friends of mine who use moqawama are alerting me it's been shut down. Go have a look for yourself and tell me; where are the majority of the worlds internet services hosted??? Where are most domains hosted//controlled//monitored?? Could Israel really shut down a Domain? I doubt it. (Unless they have some hackers employed, which is more than possible I guess)...

I hope other people take up this discussion and Moqawama.net is resumed SOON, because if it is not; then perhaps some "hackers" might like to turn their attention to jpost.com ???? Only sounds fair to me...

Blogger S.O.Mebody said...
Hi Olive Branch,
Now that Moqawama is gone, I wish I had known earlier so I could have seen it, not out of any particular partsanship but out of pure curiosity/wish to inform myself.
I suppose one way the dissapearance of Moqawama could have taken place could have been in the time honoured way of 'HAY MATE DO US A FAVOUR'.

but i doubt it

I would have to argue for an alternative scenario by analogy, since I do not know who really spoke when to whom.

Recently there was the case of an episode of the American Cartoon Series "South Park" which featured representations of the actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta. The two were shown both going inside a closet, shutting the door and eventually emerging. The repeat of the performance of this episode was, unusually, not shown. It is understood that lawyers reprenting each of the actors made representation to Fox television suggesting that the cartoon MIGHT have suggested to some members to the public something that could be prejudicial to the earning success of these two actors, whereas as it can be proved that these two actors NEVER SPENT ANY SIGNIFICAT time with each other inside a closet or even broom cupbord.

I would suspect therefore that something along these lines could have happened:


It would not surprise me in the least, if somewhere there is not a dossier deatailing each and everytime Moquama said anything remotely similar in seriousness to what South Park implied about the actors, possibly using layarly words like 'actionable'. There perhaps might be an explanation.

Should at any time youfind that Moquama has reincarnated on another site, please could you write about it, because I for one would be very interested to give them a look.

Happy blogging

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