Olive Branch Optimism
what a wonderful world...
So 6 months ago today the Olivebranch Network had it's first post published. Six months on and the project is a huge success both for me personally and for all the other contributors involved. As a result of this project (which, in itself is due to the kind generosity of one Antony Loewenstein) I have now been offered a position on the blogcritics team.

Today I will publish my first post on blogcritics.org, and in that way gain more exposure for the Olivebranch Network than any other single event I have done to this day. Blogcritics.org have over 50,000 hits a day; whereas the OB network averages only 50.

On top of this great achievement the OB network has become the largest running Iraqi group blog, a feat in itself to gather so many views in one place; with the full support of each involved writer.

Today I'm over the moon.

In the first 6 months of it's existance the OB network has gone further than my own blog has in over a year, to the extent I have even been asked to go participate in a blogging convention as part of a Young Australian Writers convention in New South Wales (Newcastle). This includes me being flown from Perth to NSW, which I bet is no cheap flight- since it's at least 4 hours in the air each way. Of course I accepted; despite it being in the middle of my uni study---- How could I not?

If anything I have ever done is going to push forward my chances as making it as a journalist it's seizing oppurtunities like these. So in the words of George W. Bush I say "BRING EM ON" :)

p.s this site will be recieving a major overhaul over the next couple of months so expect lots of changes! :)
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