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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
The Weary Man
The Weary Man

The weary man sits outside his house,
a newspaper spread across his lap.
In the background sounds a radio,
as he awaits the latest news.

He's barely 30- yet he's all alone.
Everyone left him years ago.
Yet noise comes from the telephone,
so he jumps up and runs to answer.

It's Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,
no phone call- he's all alone.

He sits back down again,
as he reads the news he cries.
He wonders will they ever learn,
before the last man dies?

The war still rages and his insides burn-
and he jumps up confused and angry:
the telephone rings again.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
the struggle to be sane.
A voice comes from the driveway,
his daughters excited tone!

He wins the fight for sanity because,
he has family. He's not alone.

By [olivebranch] 11/04/06
Anonymous Anonymous said...
That was an impressive piece of writing Luke, you captured the inner struggle of the weary person inside of you very succintly. Most of us have that frightened person dwelling within us.
Well done
Mum xxx

Blogger Hajar said...
Great poem! This is one message that should be voiced abroad...shouted out loud etc.

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