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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
The Olivebranch Network has been alive as an idea for a little under two months today- and has already started to grow and has the potential to reach people. Today I was informed of an article about bloggers and Jill Caroll in which the Olivebranch Network was used as a source!

Excellent :) here is the link: "Bloggers Try To Reach Journalist's Captors In Iraq"

here is the mention: The Olivebranch Network credits Baghdad-based blogs for getting the ball rolling for Carroll's release. BoingBoing appears to be leading the U.S. effort. The postings circulating here state that Carroll has the independent "spirit of a blogger."

---- On the contrary to this I would like to say the real campaign in the US was lead mostly by two bloggers who have not been mentioned in this article:

MadCanuck and Fayrouz whose campaign to help the widow of Jill's interpreter was highly successfull and became one of the most important motivators behind the continuation of the campaign for Jill's release. (It is important to note that most campaigns for jouranlists or foreigners abducted in Iraq lose steam very quickly and receive limited publicity in Iraq).

None the less it's a great article. Go have a look and post about Jill TODAY. Put this link in your blog posts - http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0113/carroll_update.html#psavid

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bloggers can better help Jill by doing what they do best: shedding light on stories that the SMS ignores. We should be putting pressure on the US and Iraqi governments to release innocent female detainees. Multiple journalists have reported that many of the remaining female detainees have been found innocent, but have not yet been let go. Why not? How can the US kidnap (there is evidence that female family members of suspected insurgents were captured to draw in their suspected male family members) and hold innocent women? Two wrongs do not make a right.

From AFP:

US to free Iraqi woman detainee soon: deputy PM

AFP Friday February 17, 02:58 PM

BAGHDAD (AFP) - One of the four Iraqi women still in US custody will soon be freed, deputy prime minister Abed Mutlak al-Juburi told AFP.
The Sunni official who negotiates with US forces the lists of Iraqi detainees to be released, said Friday: "Four women remain in detention with the Americans, including one from Tall Afar who will soon be freed.
"Another one will be tried by an Iraqi court and, if convicted, sent to an Iraqi women's prison," he said, adding that the other two cases
were still being investigated...

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