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Friday, March 10, 2006
Missile falls in top Mosul school
A friend today told me a missile had fallen in her school. Two girls were injured and the library and another building majorly damaged. This was one of the top school's in the Northern city of Mosul.

Where did this missile come from? A question I will answer for you in my next post.
For now I want you to ponder this question: Why bomb a school library?

And why stop a bus full of college girls and force them to expose their heads and breasts, in a highly religious area such as Mosul? (The last one was definately US soldiers, local tribal leaders and journalists even confirm the fact.)

I guess I wanet the US troops to leave soon, but not until there was some security for my friends and now there Is a "deadline" for withdrawal (2007)- it is time for Iraqi's to reinstall their neighbourhood watch. It is time for Tribal Sheihk's to step forward and fill some of the power-void while the government struggles to overcome its secterian issues.

In 2007... The troops should be gone... Let's pray they leave Iraq safer than it is now.
Blogger John said...
OB did you actually check the source of the bus story and some of the other stories and posts on the sight you linked?

When the title of the sight you link states "The Worldwide Web of Jihad: A Muslim Extremist View of Everything" and when the person's interest says "Interests: Creating a Global Community for Islam and Revolution" it would at least make me question it.

You post it without the slightest hint of skepticism.

If it is true, it is quite improper to say the least. But if it is not true, do you really think you are helping your friends there?

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