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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Mohammed Cartoons: Where to from here?

So we finally reach some conclusions regarding the Mohammed Cartoons: the world now understands what freedom of speech is about.

The term “You reap what you sew” comes to mind.

In some sense it is good to see even conservative Muslim’s speaking out vocally against the series of cartoon’s in which the Prophet Mohammed was portrayed as a suicide bomber, among other historically incorrect and religiously disrespectful caricatures.

Though the reaction has pushed religious tensions across the globe to extremes, it also represents the first time in my memory where so many millions of Muslim’s around the world have stood up united against any one action or event. It’s kind of cool to hear them say “We will not tolerate this abuse. FUCK YOU” because so rarely do I hear vocal Muslim voices in the community.

Even the Iraq war was supported by many Muslim’s both inside and outside Iraq for various reasons, particularly because of Saddam Hussein’s poor treatment of many Muslim’s of all sects. But the Prophet, he was no suicide bomber. He was the most patient man in Muslim history, the man they all wish to base their way of living on (IE. Their attitudes, NO I am not saying they want us to go back to the 6th century).

The Prophet was every bit as wise, kind and forgiving as Jesus is presented to be in the bible. It should be obvious that presenting such a man as a suicide bomber amidst the already highly-tense environment would exacerbate troubles.

I would compare it to being a Pakistani military officer dressed as Mahatma Gandhi draped in a Soviet Union hammer & sickle carrying a sign saying “towel heads” with a fake suicide vest strapped around your chest walking through the streets of New Delhi.

Or being a white man walking the streets of Johannesburg with a T-shirt stating “Apartheid: OK”. You just know what you are going to get. Don't do it.

Why must people be so ignorant as to provoke one another into violence just to say “I TOLD YOU SO”, while standing around and watching our neighbours become victims? If you don’t want a fight, why start one?

This is not me approving of the deaths of more than 20 people or the burnings of embassies or bashings of Christians. This is me condoning the right of our Muslim friends to stand up and say “FUCK YOU! I’VE HAD ENOUGH”. After all they have spent years putting up with discrimination, isolation and western meddlings in their internal affairs.

And regarding those who commit violent acts in the name of Islam: they will go to jail, if not- we all know they will burn when it comes to judgement day.

Like I said before “You reap what you sew”.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
come on. right wing islamic fundamentalists 'standing up' for themselves against western oppression? no. the people who published the cartoons were stupid and culturally inflammatory, but people died in those riots. and it sounds like you are justifying it.

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