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Monday, February 06, 2006
Jill Caroll (& my heart)
For some reason I just can't get my mind off Jill.

I never met this lady nor knew a word about her until the day Baghdad Treasure returned home to find she had been abducted. But now it feels like she is a part of me of my own body.

And the part I imagine her as is my heart.

Since the day I heard about Jill I lost a small piece of my heart into a backwater part of Baghdad wherever she may be being held. Everyday since it feels like I have been fighting off a bit of depression, winning the fight but non-the-less fighting it.

The longer it goes on the more I feel down; not exclusively because of Jill.

I feel so isolated from every other person in my own real world, the world of my work, my home and the city of Perth. My friends seem so little like me it scares me sometimes now. I sit choking back tears remembering how I used to have so much fun and contemplating how my new found concerns so deeply isolated me.

The things which bring me incomparable joy now are not what they once were, and the new ones take time, patience, persistance and a little bit of anxiety. It's easier when I can talk to someone similar, who understands what I am saying; or even if they don't someone who just listens.

The people who always played this role in my life no longer have huge presence in my life and I am feeling it.

Gee doesn't want to hear it; about my blog, or Iraq, or Iran, or Israel, or my new found friends across the globe. She tries sometimes; but it's obvious she doesn't care for my interests- she just cares for me. She loves me with her whole heart its true and I love her just as much too.

But I need someone to listen to me when I want to tell them about what I have learnt.

are you this person?
then msg me...

I pray you all say a prayer for Jill.
For the sooner her perdicament is over,
the sooner the world will be a better place again.
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