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Monday, January 23, 2006
A Prayer for Jill Caroll
Now I know that you are captive
and that your veins are full of fear-
but let me make sure you know,
you will get out my dear.

This prayer fills up your mind and heart,
the strength of the millions enters you.
As the world watches your face become famous,
those who truely love you pray.

Please dear lord, dear god, dear allah- buddah
whom ever you may truely be,
Help Jill Caroll survive tonight; survive tommorow,
and return home to her friends and family.

Peace+Prayers for Jill & her family/friends my heart goes out to you.

Written by [olivebranch] 23/1/06
Blogger attawie said...
Nice words..
I read your comment about the challange..
You got it.. I wrote one right away but I couldn't publish it earlier..
Check it..
take care

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