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Monday, January 16, 2006
For the last few years I have always hoped that one day Geoff Gallop would resign from state parliament and run for federal elections. Dr Gallop has been Western Australia's chosen premier since 2001, was re-elected last year but facing depression and trouble within the family after the death of his father recently has chosen to temporarily resign from politics.

He in no way eliminated the chance of returning to politics, but the wording he chose was seemed like he may never return to West Australian politics. I think some time in the future, once this depression passes and he can re-build his life again, Dr Gallop is going to become the next Labor Federal leader.

Watch out Kim Beazley. We all know there is no way you can beat John Howard in an election, people just don't like you and well basically, for the most part- all we see is a fat man on TV yelling.

Ever the optimist I truely hope Dr Gallop comes to save the day sometime before the next federal election (2 years should be plenty enough away from politics to get over the depression!). I don't think there is a politician in Australia with the support of Geoff Gallop, and besides W.A is the economic heart of Australia, and he has lead us well. So I am sure the rest of Australia would be keen to rally behind a strong, successfull leader like him.

in dissaray and a little hope, [olivebranch out]
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