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Friday, December 30, 2005
While I live & The coming year
While I Live

While I fight away the pains,
you shall survive.

Despite the omnipresent fear
you are safe, we are far but oh so near.
Our hearts reach out and wrap you and yours,
like a neat little family bubble,
protecting you, protecting yours.

Harm may come while I'm alive,
while we live, but we are here my dear.
We will protect your. Help you.

In the face of painful oppression,
when your feelings are nothing but depression,
we are here, we hear, we care and comefort you.

While I live you are alive,
if only in my memory.

While I live, I will love, I will pray.
I pray for the protectection of you and yours.


by [olivebranch] 30/12/05

There comes a time at the end of the year where you sit and look back. You ponder on what the year has accomplished. Have we moved forward from last year? What was happening this time last year?

Come to think about it, I think the TSUNAMI was dominating things this time last year, and I believe progress was made in 2005. Atleast in Banda Aceh, atleast in Post Katrina New Orleans. At least a little in the Gaza strip though it could just be the poise before the strike.

Atleast in my mind, and at least in Sunshine's lungs.

Yes some progress was made on this blog aswell, 3000 hits in the first 9 months is not bad, even if 1500 of them were me (which is a big exageration!)

Next year what progress will I make?

What progress will Iraq make?

How will I help you progress in 2006, my dear friends?

We will see. But there will be progress.
Blogger ac blue eagle said...
I understand your concerns about the environment, global warming in particular. I have them, too. I will check the web site you mentioned. However, consider me a skeptic! I have seen too many flim flams!

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