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Saturday, December 24, 2005
Merry Christmas!
If I had one wish for christmas, I would make it realistic.

So lets assume that in his jolly good mood on this festivous occasion God has granted me a wish.

Here goes.

I wish for the family of Sunshine , including but not limited to her siblings, parents, grandparents and cousins (Hassan, HNK, Najma.... you've seen the list before, its too big to type out in full) would be able to experience safe and enjoyable time in the future.

If I had one selfish wish, I would wish that I could bring the whole community of Iraqi bloggers to my house for Christmas dinner, so we could all enjoy a wonderfull night.

Peace be with you all, and to all a merry christmas.

Love + Prayers to my Iraqi friends, to their friends, and their families (especially the Assyrian/Christian families) - [olivebranch]

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