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Friday, December 02, 2005
US troops DO HAVE HEARTS, it's just a bad few. [UPDATED]

Another story of Inspectors in Sunshine's house... Last time, if you are a regular reader you may remember Sunshine's house was inspected. The unit that did the inspection was vey nice, and the whole thing was conducted well and politely, except for one soldier.

That soldier happened to be the one who went into Mama (sunshine's mother)'s bedroom.

That asshole tipped baby-powder all over the place, squirted the toothpaste on their bed and floor. He went through all their clothes and messed up and dirtied their bedroom.

It's sad that people do things like that, but then there are the rest of the soldiers who did nothing, the poor troops are made into targets/enemies due to the action of one irresponsible person.

This time, things went much better. Sunshine had remembered last time what happened, and what the soldiers had told her to remember and ask if anyone came for inspection again (when she went to report the event).

She asked for their Unit, Names, what State they are from etc.

Very clever girl :)

here's her post, if you wan't to comment on it, go to her blog:


Mama' also tells the story from another point of view, if you can't tell- this is the updated part. Mama's view is a very enjoyable post to read and funny on many levels... Imagine the images she draws with words.

Oh and by the way, Sunshine has been dubbed an "Iraqi ambassador" by Mama's readers!!! :D

Mama's post is below sunshine's, here is her blog address:


Thursday, December 01, 2005
Home inspection again ...
Hello friends .
yesterday I came back from my school , I didn't have so much homework , so I decided to have rest & read my E-mails . At 4:45 pm I decided to take a shower , & while I was doing that , I started to think about home inspection( I don't know why?!) & how to start a conversation with the soldiers , suddenly my sister knocked on the door to tell me to HURRY UP because there is an inspection in the neighborhood, while I was saying to her" ok ok I will " , my mom came and said that the soldiers were in our house . I wore my clothes while the soap was still covering my face and went out!!! ..
& I said OH GOD MY ROOM !! it was sooooooooooo messy ( but today I organized my room & my bed before going to school…)
Anyway , they asked if any one could speak English , & I answered quickly yes ( interrupting my mom of course ) . They asked my mom if it is ok with us if they used the roof , to see the neighborhood & to cover the road for a coming troop, my mom & I said " yes of course you are welcome ", they were about 25 soldiers , three of them stayed with us ,while the others went up to the roof.
In spite of the hoarseness in my voice , as I had laryngitis this week ,( now my voice sound like a teenager boy's voice) but I kept talking & talking!!! .. all the family were wearing pajamas we didn't have enough time to change our clothes ( just like in pajamas parties)…
I did what some soldiers told me after the previous inspection and asked them about their names , their unit & who is the commander?!!..
from which states they came from & we kept talking for more than an hour .
Anyway , they were very polite & nice with us ,& of course I showed off & talked about my blog , I also told them that I copied my blog if they want to take a look . You won't believe what happened , every one from the three soldiers read some posts from my blog during their stay in my house , but that was very funny , they took off there weapons , sun glasses & balaclavas , sat & started reading, with suckers in everyone mouth showing a bulbous cheeks , they read the post "an adventure" , they talked with me about some posts … I asked them if they know some Arabic words , they said no , & one of them said that a soldier in their unit thought that he was good in Arabic but he was only ridiculous , I kept laughing about that.
Before they had left I took a photograph for them…
That is the end of my post for today take care all……….

Friday, December 02, 2005
Another home inspection experience..

Hi there.
Last Wednesday , our house was inspected again by the Us soldiers , I will not repeat what sunshine wrote about ,I will describe each one of us during that inspection ,
Mariam my 7 years old daughter she stopped focusing on the soldiers guns from the first sucker she got from them , although she remained cohered to me .
Yosif my 19 months old son , he was busy sucking his first sucker , you can't imagine what did he do to his face , hands &his clothes , I had to re-bath him after he finished it, & brush his tiny teeth.
My mother in law remained suspicious for a while then became more comfortable …..
My father in law … forgot the English words … but listened attentively to our conversations with relief ……..
My poor husband , he went before the soldiers had come in, to buy some pencils to the girls , but he couldn't enter the neighborhood until the whole neighborhood was inspected , he was worried about us ( you know we hear many stories , some of them are rumors & lies , some of them could be true without knowing who was the trouble maker in each story, but some Iraqis find inspection humiliating & refuse to cooperate , some times the soldiers are nervous and patient less, some have bad attitude)….
Mama(me).. so embarrassed as It was the first time I sit among strangers with my bed suit on & so amazed from sunshine ability to talk that much with hoarse voice !, how could she made a friendly atmosphere!, and how could she enjoy all circumstances in her life ……….
Sunshine….she enjoyed every moment! , she talked in every single moment!... what did she talk about ? or may the question should be put in this way, what she did not talk about?!...she asked the soldiers about their names ,unit , their homeland ,their BOOTS, their friends ,etc…
she definitely did not miss a moment to make friend relationships with them ,she also discussed her blog with them after she made them read it !!!…..
she took photograph for them , made them wait till she brought her film camera after her trial to take a photo with the digital camera , but the batteries were of law power , she simply smiled saying that that was bad luck…..
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