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Thursday, December 01, 2005
Your dream, A smile - (For Attawie)
Your dream, A smile

You will change the world,
with your very own smile.
Others worlds will change too,
If they can hold a smile like you.

A bit of confidence and inspiration, and a bit of love and determination,
will let your reach this goal.

Love your friends and family,
and the others who deserve humility.

Keep your smile and not a frown,
and that way you'll be happy,
even when your down. :)

Dedicated to Attawie, written by [olivebranch] 1/12/05

I was inspired by a sensible post written by Attawie on her(sorry for saying his originally! thx Morbid Smile :P) blog .

Here's the link to the blog, and below I copied his post :)
Hope you enjoy it :)


and the post:

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
A dream
As I am young and free I have a dream that I'm working very hard to make it real. It is to see a smile written on everybody's lips on this earth. But as I grow older I come to find it too hard to fulfill.

I minimized the dream and made it fit my country but unfortunately it seems it's also too hard to reach. So I decided to minimize it more and make it fit my family and friends. Yet it shocked me to realize that it is not working too.

So from today I made up my mind to make my dream come true and starting with one person, me, hoping I can bring a smile on the faces of my family and friends when they see the smile on me.

And who knows, that may change the whole world and make my dream come true.

posted by attawie at 12:18 PM
Blogger Morbid Smile said...
Olive, in fact Attawie is a girl.. You wrote "he", "his"


Blogger attawie said...
Thanks for viewing my blog.
I liked the poem.
I wish that I can always put a smile on everybody's face.

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