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Abu Khaleel from A Glimpse Of Iraq (see sidebar) has a great post that represents what I believe the best hope for Iraq's future lays in- the power of the Iraqi people themselves to stand up to the insurgency.

Why? Because they are the insurgency. It is there family. There family does not want to fight them, and even if they do- there will be other family members they do not want to fight that also do not want to fight you!

You must understand that big families are across all of Iraq, and long friendships aswell, it is a multi-cultural and wide-spread population. The relationships run deep and they do not wish to fight each other, so when the people have had enough- the resistance must listen.

read this and take it as a metaphor

thanks Abu Khaleel :)

(see the post)

Putting the Prince in his Place

Iraqi ‘insurgents’ are usually called Mujahideen (holy warriors) in the countryside and in small towns whether they are religious or not. The Islamic insurgents are organized in cells or clusters. Each is led by what they call an “Ameer” – Prince. In some areas of Iraq they are a force to be reckoned with, feared and/or respected.

This particular “Prince” had a quarrel with a hard-nosed old farmer. The quarrel was purely social. They were distant kin. The old man took a few of his boys and they gave the Prince a severe beating.

The cell the Prince was responsible for issued an ultimatum for the old man and two of his close kin to move out of the area within three days. The old man took four car loads of his lot, set up a road-block in the area and kidnapped three of the Mujahideen. He did not release them until that particular cell issued a written apology to the old man… and promised not to bother him again.

I find the image of those fierce fighters who have been causing so much headache to the most powerful army in the world being beaten up and kidnapped by a simple farmer… quite amusing, almost hilarious!

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