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Friday, November 11, 2005
A few weeks ago I was in a road rage incident , which I apparently mistankenly instigated.

I had just picked Gee up from Cannington Trainstation (a very major trainstation on the Armadale line [near where i live] here in Perth) and pulled out southbound from the deli and drove approx 3-400m (maybe more, I will check next exactly when I drive through on the way to work tommorow, - I wont forget, because it scares me everytime I drive through), I was going the speed limit 60km/hr, or maybe 2-3 km's an hour over and approaching a round-a-bout.

I saw a white Commodoor approaching from behind very quickly I was maybe 250-300m away from the round-a-bout when I spotted the the car. He was going much faster than me, atleast 85-90km/hr to be catching ground that quickly, by the time I was 100m from the round-a-bout he was getting very close behind me, then he went to overtake. Immediately I slowed down to let him infront- otherwise he probably wouldn't make it through the round about, and I didn't want to cause an accident -especially in my shiny new car (that is now dirty). Besides, at that close range, if he had an accident any evasive manouver would have required me to hit a curb, or the round about, or the island- or worse, his car.

The move was dangerous and I felt he had put both me & my girlfriend at risk by trying to overtake so fast, from so close behind and so close to the round-a-bout, and not to mention the risk he put himself in!

So I gave him the finger and slowed down some more.

--- and thats when it happened.

I saw the break lights.


GEE: what?





--- the other car stopped abruptly, it may even have skidded- I will check for tyre marks tommorow.

I stopped as far behind it as I could, as fast as I could.

I saw the break lights go off and the door begin to open.


ME: FUUUCK me!! oh no shit. (thinking all the while: This is actually hapenning!!!)

He was getting out of his fucking car, but I knew this would happen, and had already put the car in neutral.

Oh fuck, I'm in trouble- is all I could think.

QUICK! reverse!

so I did, I reversed slowly for a few meters, then put the car in neutral as I saw him turn to go back to his car.

I was scared, I tried to reverse backwards to the nearest driveway and so I could turn around and take-off, but it was tooo late.

He was in reverse and accellerating at full-capacity towards my little Daewoo Lanos (tin can with balloons inside) in his big bulky Commodoor Station Wagon (big family car, in a station wagon with a 6cylinder)

SHIT!!!!!!!! was about all I could think, and I just suddenly went blank.

No more thoughts, no more words, not until he was a car length or less from the front of my car, and I was going at maximum-reverse-speed.

GEE & I both suddenly become conscious of the need for his number plate, and she begins reading it out loud repetitively to remember it.

I remember the last 3 digits just incase, because she already had entered the first few into her phone and was reciting the next one. We got the number, but I was facing a whole new dillemma, this all happened in a matter of seconds may I add.

The guy was so close I was sure my car was about to be totalled, his brake lights hadn't come on yet, and a few more seconds and he would hit me.

More pressing than this though, is the fact that I had already travelled 100m in reverse down the road, and there were cars coming up behind me because I was still in the left hand south-bound lane. The car behind me I am sure was blue, and a small old car it was, it came to a halt when I was 50m away and approaching quickly, and the cars behind it stopped too.

I think it reversed a little, but I don't know- I was too busy trying to get across to the other lane without loosing control or loosing any speed because otherwise this guy would hit me.

It worked.... Somehow...

Don't ask me, I just did it. It was a fluke and I just thank god & my father for teaching me to drive & reverse well. I also thank my car, and my girlfriends will and the will of the people who witnessed it that we survived- totally unscathed was just a bonus.

I was on the other side of the road quickly, and he was going to fast to notice the cars behind me were so close- and didn't have time to switch lanes to follow me; he would have hit the other cars.

After all, that was not his objective- he was trying to kill me, not them.

Anyway, he hit the anchors; then noticed that I wasn't stopping, and took off.

I reversed all the way back to the trainstation, in the correct north-bound lane, just backwards.

There was a little dialouge in there between me and gee about his license plate and cops and trainstation and fear and swearing- but I don't remember it.

Gee jumped out and ran to the transit guards, too see if they could help.

The car had taken off, and there was nothing they could do. They wanted to help, but they said our best bet was to go to the Cannington Police Station immediately.

So we did.

I was shit scared, and hadn't got out of the car.

I was not relieved yet. I still felt scared.

So we went to the police, filled out our reports and went home to tell the story, and until today, thats all it was- a scary fucking story. Well today, that changed.

The police called my mum yesterday (trying to contact me) and informed her they had seen the man, he had admitted some aggression but says I instigated it with the finger, and the stories were a bit different and they were not going to press charges.

OK, let me get this straight.

Me and my girlfriend rock up to the station scared out of our wits immediately after, right out my statement- and have Gee declared as a passenger, and they don't tell us we would need either his 100% confession- or another witness before they can press charges.

Then they call and speak to my mum at 6:30AM in the morning while she is in bed asleep, don't leave an Officers name or contact details for me to call and tell me they won't press charges because there is no witness.

Well, DUH- isn't that the police officers job? to FIND THE WITNESSES?

I know for a fact there were plenty of witnesses, at least 3 cars were behind me- and I was out side houses and a trainstation with many people around. Infact I saw someone crossing the road infront of me a few seconds before he began to overtake.

The man claimed his mother had died that day, and my finger had been the "last straw". This is possible, but not probable.

To me, he looked like a hoon who got pissed off at the little smart ass in the piece of shit green womans car, and thought he would teach him a fucking lesson.

If his mum had died, the last thing I would think he would be worried about is my insignificant finger.

I want to know something, did the police confirm his mothers death?

Did they check the camera's at the trainstation, some of which must point out toward the road and catch cars that go past or park in the drop-off-zone.

I mean, if a group of people rock up and kill someone and have stopped on the road directly outside the trainstation, they would need to have video coverage to catch the car with. It just makes sense.

So that means, that as the cars behind me went past, their number plates may have been caught by the camera's- which means we have our witnesses.

The next step is to find the train-guard who we spoke to, and find out if anyone there had seen the event or if he knows the camera's and any archived history...

After that, or in case that fails- I will go knock on the doors of the houses the event occured in front of, surely someone must have seen something. HE NEARLY KILLED US.

If his mother truely did die that day, I will accept an apology.

Otherwise, Im pressing charges against this sucker.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nice language!!!

Blogger Janice said...
Someday the idiot in the Commodore will do it again and a Cop will see, and....well he'll be taking the bus/train a lot more.

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