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Friday, November 04, 2005
The Lazy Blogger returns :))) sorry!
You will understand after the end of this post, why I have been silent- by choice over recent times.


It is wise to listen before you speak.
You will write something that you no longer agree with but can not take back.
You should have read first.
You should not have said what you said, but it was worth it anyway.
You say something you regret for years, then learn you were correct anyway.
You will write too soon, and not be heard later.
You just don't know the truth.
You think you have the right words, but really you don't.
You can understand what others are saying, better than your own thoughts.
You can feel others emotions- before you feel your own.
You understand the reason life is so great, bad and random.
You feel close to god or close to hope.
You feel better but don't know why.


You just need a break.
You can't speak - because if you do, you will not be understood.

---- We should always choose our times to speak. Blogging, writing and reporting should not be a daily chore. It should be what we do at the times it is needed.

Sometimes there is a lot to be said, but you are just not the right person to be saying it- and no one would care much anyway.

Sometimes you should just sit back and watch, and choose the right moment.

If you get it right, you can change the world- Get it wrong, and you can try again.

Happy Eid to my muslim friends.

P.S Gee-Oh said she wants to go to a muslim country with me oneday, so she can wear a very pritty hijab !!!

(No doubt this will be Iraq, to meet you my friends- who this blog tends to be directed at !)

[olivebranch out]

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