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Monday, November 28, 2005
Was surfing the blogosphere when I found this new blog "Iraqi Rebel" posted on Iraq Blog Count.

The author (rebel) says he doesn't deal with politics, but will be telling things from his view, the rumours he hears's, the things that happen, his stories etc. So far he has only posted twice, but the second post was quite enjoyable to read- containing a lot of Iraqi jokes.... they were all pretty funny, so go check it out and leave a msg of support :)

We need to encourage all the new bloggers, for many reasons.

Firstly and foremost the more opinions coming out through the Iraqi Blogosphere, the more credible it becomes and the more truth the rest of the world must expose to each other.

Secondly, because any one of these bloggers could be another dedicated individual who is important to have as a major part of Iraq's future, and may not be able to find any other safe way to do so right now.

Thirdly - we can help them, they can help us, and they can help other Iraqi bloggers avoid trouble or when they are in trouble or need something they can not get...

here's the link!

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