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Sunday, November 27, 2005
WA has an Iraqi Election Station!! - And I might be helping out there!
Oooh yeah. It feels good to know your hard work and efforts to help other people have not gone unnoticed.

A friend of mine, Ibrahim Al-Absawi was one of those campaigning to have a voting centre in Perth in the January elections- but they were unsuccessfull and he had to fly to the eastern states to vote.

This time for the December elections, they were successfull in campaigning for a voting station, but Ibrahim has a long-planned overseas trip that can't be cancelled and so has asked me to help out on his behalf.

He gave me the names of two people to contact: Mr . Mohammed Al-wiely, and Riyad Al-hakim,

along with their email addresses.

I sent off the email today asking how I should contribute, and am awaiting a reply. Hopefully I will know soon what I can do, and again I will have a found a physical way to participate in helping Iraqi's rebuild their future.

See. I told you before and I will say it again: an individual can make a difference, regardless of the boundaries and hurdles that line the path to doing so.

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