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According to the most recent post on Iraq the Model , and in line with prior history of fraud and corruption the militias owned by the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRi), DA'AWA militia's and Ahmed Chalabi's Badr Brigade have been infiltrating election offices in Iraq's south to ensure votes go their way.

These militia have been known to press Iraqi's to conform to their more fundamentalist view of Islam, and to accept the decree's and Fatwa's offered by religious figures in Najaf and from Iran.

While the Ayatollah's have maintained officially neutral positions on what parties to vote for, there have been many quotes to suggest support for the "big group", and other terms referring to the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), which consists of mostly fundamentalist Shiite groups namely:

Badr Organization
Islamic Daawa Party
and Al-Sadr declared his support for this group also, despite their differences in the present past and probably future.

Hassan provided a list of the "coalitions" that have been formed- have a look:

Tawafoq Iraqi Front. Vote number 618. Consists of:

* The Iraqi Islamic Party.
* The General Council For Iraqi People.
* Al Hewar National Iraqi Council.

Arabic List. Vote number 615. Consists of:

* The Arabic Unifying Front.
* National Solidarity Movement.

Kurdistani Gathering. Vote number 730. Consists of:

* Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.
* Labor Party of Kurdistan.
* Islamic Group of Kurdistan/Iraq.
* Al Kaldani Democratic United Party.
* Communist Party of Kurdistan.
* Socialist Democratic Party of Kurdistan.
* Democratic Party of Kurdistan.
* Iraqi Turkman Brotherhood Party.

Independent Karbala Coalition. Vote number 533. Consists of:

* Dr. Abbass Naser Hasani Al Hasnawi.
* National Gathering For Karbala Iraqi Tribes.

Brotherhood and Peace List. Vote number 737. Consists of:

* Brotherhood Independent Gathering.
* AL Sheikh Ali Abd Al Husain Kamouneh.

Unified Iraqi Coalition. Vote number 555. Consists of:

* Islamic Da'awa Party.
* Islamic Virtue Party.
* Centrist Coalition Party
* Bader Organization.
* Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution In Iraq.
* Turkman Islamic Union of Iraq.
* Justice and Equality Assembly.
* Iraqi Democratic Movement.
* Movement of Hizbullah in Iraq.
* Turkmen Loyalty Movement.
* Saed Al Shuhada Islamic Movement.
* Al Shabak Democratic Gathering.
* Malhan Al Mkoter-Mr.
* Islamic Da'awa Party-Iraq Organization.
* Reform And Building Meeting.
* Al Sadriah Advertising.
* The Justice Community.
* Iraq Ahrar.

National Iraqi List. Vote number 731. Consists of:

* Iraqi Communist Party.
* Union Party.
* Al-Qasimy Democratic Assembly.
* Iraqi Republican Group.
* Arab Socialist Movement.
* Independent Democratic Gathering.
* Iraqi National Accord.
* Society of Turkman Tribes and Elites.
* Alfurat Al Awsat Assemblage.
* Iraqis.
* Loyalty For Iraq Coalation.
* Independent Iraqi Alliance.
* Independent Iraqi Sheikhs Council.
* The National List.
* Ahrar.

National Iraqi Council List. Vote number 569. Consists of:

* Democratic Iraqi Gathering.
* The First Democratic National Party.
* Iraqi Conference National Party.
* United Labor Democratic Front.
* Turkuman Act Party.
* The Iraqi Constitutional Party.
* Tareq Abd Al Kareem Al Shahd Al Budairi.
* Genral Secretary Advertising For The south Sectional of Iraq.
* The National List.
* Constitutionality Al Shareef Ali Abd Al Hussein Movement.

Islamic Coalition. Vote number 549. Consists of:

* Islamic Action Organization.
* Faili Islamic Gathering In Iraq.
* Religious Communwealth In Iraq.
* Islamic Commonwealth For Iraqi Students.
* Hussaini Cultural Organizations Union.
* Rafah And Freedom Movement.

Justice and Future Coalition. Vote number 517. Consists of:

* The Democratic Progress And Justice Party.
* Dr.Khaled Hmoud Abdalla Al Sa'adoon.

Al Nahrain National List. Vote number 752.

* Assyrian Patriotic Party.
* Beith Nehrain National Union.
* Assyrian Independent Gathering Movement.
* National Caldani Council.
* Hikmat Dawod Hakeem.
* Kildani Democratic Rostrum.

Al Wafaa For Basrah Gathering. Vote number 512.

* Loyalty to Najaf.
* Ramadan Al Badran, Basrah Son.

Hewar National Iraqi Front. Vote number 667. Consists of:

* Iraqi Christian Democratic Party.
* Democratic Arab Front.
* National Front For the United Free Iraq.
* The Iraqi Sons Unified Movement.
* The National Iraqi Front.

Furation- Human Rights. Vote number 647. Consists of:

* Babil People Gathering.
* Human Rights and Civilian United.

Mithal Al Aloosi List For Iraqi Nation. Vote number 620. Consists of:

* Iraqi Federalist Gathering.
* The Iraqi Ummah Party.

Watanion Gathering. Vote number 814. Consists of:

* Iraqi National Movement.
* Iraqi Unite Council.

Iraq Sun. Vote number 652. Consists of:

* Islamic Tallea'a Party.
* Democratic National Coalition.
* United-Democratic-Free Iraq.

Al Khalas National Front. Vote number 798. Consists of:

* Democratic Reconstruction And Justice Party.
* Nasiri Forefront Socialist Party.
* Sawamerah Lords Gathering.

Unified National List. Vote number 829. Consists of:

* The Iraqi National Movement.
* Iraqi Political Gathering.
* Iraqi National Union.

I hate to say it, but like Hassan, I think the US and Iraqi's need to get behind Allawi, even if it is only for the time being.

It's either Allawi & the Kurds
or its Sadr/SCIRI/BADR/DAAWA & The kurds

and I tell you right now, that Sadr/SCIRI/BADR/DAAWA do not really want to do any favours for the kurds, because Iran is very much anti-Kurdistan in it's disposition, and Iran is who these groups ultimately answer to.

So in my opinion, if the Kurds can bring Allawi and his group into a position of dependant power- that is the only reason Allawi would have power is because of Kurdish support... It would be a mutually beneficial relationship, and would allow the future government a much easier time in the North of Iraq...

It may cause some disruptions in the South, but that depends greatly on how Al-Sadr acts if such an event were to occur... If Sadr, often flexible with his alliances- truely wants to do the best for his followers...

Allawi and the kurds may just be his best chance to avoid being silenced amongst the voices of SCIRI/Badr's/DAAWA........

I say give Allawi this chance, though he does not deserve it.

It's much of a muchness, either choice is not very promising- but you have to choose one...
Blogger still alive said...
hey, nice guy stay the nice guy and don't put yourself in this. listen to me , you can say your opinion about war or that stuff but to decided who should win or try to promote a list that is exactly what you shouldn't do. I live in Iraq and I know about who you are talking. each Iraqi has his own view and his own background. you don't take your friends words on who is best for Iraq. this elections still premature and even when we go and vote we vote to choose democracy . you have a loving and honest heart don't spoil it with politics lies. stay away and clean.

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