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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Best Book EVER!
So your interested in reading obviously, and since your reading this site you probably spend a portion of your time thinking about war and its outcomes.

So you should go and order from your nearest library or book stores the Australian author John Marsden's "Tommorow When The War Began" series, and when you finish those- like I have, read the follow on books (I just finished the first) "The Ellie Chronicles - while i live"....

in my life I have never cried while reading like I did in the first parts of this book, but I promise I will not say a word.

The book is about occupation, then the settlement of a "two countries in one" kind of thing in Australia... It's all very topical and shares similarities to real-life situations like Palestine/Israel.

but the what makes this book so great is the style John Marsden chose, the perspective of a young girl, barely 15 years of age in the first book when her and a group of friends go on a camp-out in the bush instead of the annual "Wirrawee Show". The show is a big festival out in the country, where mother swap jam and farmers trade and show off all their great produce, livestock and machinery.

Ellie and her group of friends, being country kids are expert drivers offroad, and they take an extremely remote path called "Tailors Stitch"- into a very remote bushy area a fair way from home.

while they are out for the weekend, the country is invaded and when they return home the strange noises of planes overhead Ellie had heard begin to make sense...

they are left alone, with everyone locked up at the showgrounds and very few people still free on the streets- with a fresh bunch of occupation soldiers in their town...

the story developes from there.

The Ellie Chronicles are after the war ends. That is all I will tell you.

Blogger laminar_flow said...
Make Sure you don't venture into Sydney.
Cronulla Sharks are biting, I hear.

Blogger ac blue eagle said...
Books on war? My favorites: Those Devils in Baggy Pants, by Ross Carter; The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarat (sp); All Quiet on the Western Front, The Road Back and the Black Oblisk, all by Erich Maria Remarque (sp); and Chickenhawk by Robert Mason.
Excellent books. Ross Martin was an American paratrooper in WWII and what a story he tells--with a very sad ending. The Cruel Sea? Read it and you will be exhausted when you finish because you will feel like you have been across the north Atlantic in all sorts of terrible weather and war. Remarque is simply put a great and wonderful writer. Robert Mason's book is about an American helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. Wow is all I can say about that. But, I will, indeed, find the book you mentioned.
And, should you want any more, let me know. I've read a lot.

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