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Monday, December 12, 2005
Freedom is a writing
Freedom is writing

Freedom is writing,
and knowing your heard.
Freedom is the truth,
no matter how absurd.

Freedom is reading,
what they don't want you to know.
Freedom is not found,
on some mainstreem reality show.

A blog brings you freedom,
when your silent and oppressed.
A blog feels like freedom,
when your sick of the press.

A blog helps you in times,
when life is full of stress.
A blog stops you becoming,
one really big mess.

Bloggers become friends,
like you are to me.
Like blogs become important,
amidst catastrophe.

Bloggers are together,
in good times as in bad.
Bloggers stick together,
so turn to me when you are sad.

Freedom is a blog,
that is what they are for.
Freedom is the truth,
from the middle of a war.

Dedicated to the Iraqi Blogosphere and all those involved
by [olivebranch] 12/12/05
Blogger still alive said...
you have to come here for a week!

Blogger olivebranch said...
wouldn't that be an adventure- I don't know if I would survive that adventure.

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