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Friday, December 09, 2005
Sad Statue // Soldier-Sphere
I wrote these today inspired by a few different thoughts,
the second one "Sad Statue" was obviously inspired by System of a Down....

Hope you like them! Tell me what you think by e-mailing me or leaving comments!

The Soldier-Sphere
(the march begins today)

The soldiers of the blogosphere begin to march today
So I pause and take this moment to reflect,
when did we get this way?

As the truth lets loose and the lies all fade,
I begin to wonder about it all...
where will this pendulum sway?

When the truth comes bare and the bloggers march,
who dares stand in their way?

As the power pendulum swings at random,
and the strong become the weak...
Will the weak remain strong?

Or will they rise with the greed of past,
and ruin it all again?

Will we be depressed and oppressed,
or will our truths pave the way...

Cooperation, Communication, Collectivisation
- in this peaceful way.

Written by [olivebranch], 09/12/05

Sad Statue
(liberty lost her meaning)

America's statue no longer smiles,
liberty lost her meaning...

The corruption and disruption,
desperation then devastation,
and so much more.

She will go down in history,
She's going down...
She's history.

The generation didn't agree,
yet still picks up the pieces-
and now again it begins.

The aftermath of distant relatives,
from so many years before.

What to do for America,
What about the world?

and whats more...

What do I do myself,
with my family, friends and more...

In what looks to be a certain war...

This generation does not agree,
but you just fight more...
please... no more.
no war.

by [olivebranch] 09/12/05
[inspired by the system of a down song "Sad Statue", thanks guys...]
Blogger attawie said...
Nice poems..
keep it going.
I posted few poems lately, one of them was inspired by your work.


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