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Thursday, December 29, 2005
and a happy new year
You know the best thing about blogs?

When you want a break, you take one.

This blog has been put on temporary hiatus for the new years holiday,
unless something so important comes up that I must write about it, this blog will probably not have any more posts this year.

It has been a wonderful first 9 months in the blogosphere and I thank my readers and friends in the blogosphere from the deepest corners of my heart for their kindness and their not-so-kindness.

Without you this blog doesn't matter. Without you I wouldn't bother to write.

Please keep on posting, keep on commenting and don't let your opinions be drowned out by that of others (inlcuding myself when you disagree!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, all the best for the next.

[olivebranch] out
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