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Monday, January 09, 2006
Wanting to know you.
Isn't it strange how sometimes you don't know anything about someone, except what they have said or what you have read, but you feel you should get to know them? That is what I truely love and truely hate about the blogosphere. I feel like I love some of these people.

And love is not a word I use lightly. Love is a word that means I would give my life for them. I would trade my existance for theirs. I would cross the globe if I had the chance just to see them.

I don't need to say who these are, if they read this blog & are one of these people they probably know.

One person I feel close to now, though I don't even know them I will name. For I want her exposed to your eyes, so you can feel her emotions too. She has memories that are troubling her and seemingly began blogging to try deal with those memories- whatever the beginnings of the blog it is excellent.

Her writing is full of emotion and wisdom learnt. She is living on given time since that day seemingly so central to her life- April 8 2003.

Still Alive has two blogs:
Letters To America and How To Deserve It .

Both blogs are excellent and I could not choose a favourite, but I want to know what the rest is about. I want to know this girl like a sister, though I don't know her at all. I felt the same with a few others who write in this fashion, with their emotions and memories.

It is not "that" kind of love, desire nor lust- nothing stupid like this. No this is wanting to help someone who needs my help, or at least someones help.

This is wanting to be that cross-continent shoulder to lean on in a bad time.

I surely say my prayers are with you tonight Still Alive, and I hope you are ok.


There are a few others I would like to speak with aswell, who I do not have this kind of emotion for. There are people who I do not agree with on many situations, but who have time and time again proven themselves decent, kind and caring beings.

I am sorry to those with whome I have had shared some bad words with, one day I will no longer be able to let my emotions control my fingers. Will I regret this day I do not know.

I want to say to Craig (Programmer Craig), I have found a new respect for you. Your name so frequently occurs on the blogs of people I care for, and recently so often with positivity despite your obvious conflicts of opinion and interest with some of these said bloggers.

Well done. The world needs more people like you.

-------- thats the end of this post, my hand is starting to hurt. More posts on the way soon so stay tuned :) [olivebranch out]
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