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Sunday, January 15, 2006
Terrorist's hunted by citizens/resistance in Anbar province.
It looks like Al-Qaeda and other such international terror organisations operating in Iraq out of Ramadi & Sammara and other such hotbed areas have finally met their match.

Sunni participation in the political process and elections in spite of warnings by terror groups resulted in the targetting of prominant Sunni supporters//participants. In Anbar province it seems the citizens have had enough with terrorists being chased down and forced out of Ramadi & Sammara by local citizens and members of the legitimate resistance.

There has been isolated events like these occuring for months, one such example I posted about earlier where a farmer had been in conflict with an unnamed group, and had recieved death threats and warnings; so the farmer got a band of friends together and captured the terrorists, warning them to leave the area and never return.

Now it seems local Tribal Sheihk's have had enough, and spurred on by their own people have decided to give the terrorists the boot. Here's a snippet from Iraq The Model .

Meanwhile, there are some good news coming from Anbar.
Al-Qaeda is apparently being chased down and confronted by Iraqis in Anbar and Samarra according to a report from al-Sabah.
Mohammed al-Ubaidi is a citizen of Anbar who took part in a battle against al-Qaeda fighters said that people were enraged by the attacks that kill civilians in Anbar and other provinces and therefore have decided to form squads from the residents to rid Anbar from the foreign terrorists.

The reports mentions that several tribes’ sheikhs had a meeting in the home of a sheikh of the Dulaim tribe where they pledged to fight al-Qaeda and throw them out of the province. There are also news that some 120 al-Qaeda members have already fled outside Iraq after a series of battles between their cells and the residents of Ramadi and other towns and suburbs of Anbar.

According to the same report, similar measures are being taken by the residents in Samarra and have succeeded in forcing foreign terrorists out of their city


This is good news in its own way, despite all that has happened lately, regardless of these election results; much change is about to occur in Iraq, and only Iraqi's can determine in what direction that change leads them.

These people are smart, full of strength and much wisdom. You will make the right decisions, even when you must continue to suffer day-to-day.

PCE+PRAYERS for the future of our Iraqi friends, and a seperate prayer for the safety of Jill.. May she make it through these days safely.
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