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On March 28 the US administration has plans to strike targets inside Iran according to an official from the Russian Parliament. March 28 marks the Israeli election and I for one believe the US//Israel will try and bait Ahmadinejad (hope I spelt it right!) into saying or doing something stupid should Kadima win the 17th Knesset (Israeli parliament), so as to domestically justify a "pre-emptive strike" against Iran (otherwise, they will strike anyway; maybe a little later).

If what the Russian official says in this article is accurate we are facing a probable Israeli//Arab war break-out and a new turn in the "Long War" (war on terror's new name). This time it will be terrorists & Islamist extremists in Europe blowing everything(themselves?) up.

Imagine with current tensions over the Mohammed Cartoons and accusations flowing from one side to another what a military strike in Iran could really mean.

Imagine the Irani response internally. Militia men on every street corner, Sadr's Mehdi army in Iraq kicking up a HUGE fuss and the US facing a whole new battle for Baghdad... This time with an embedded determined islamist opposition with the backing of 1 1/2 oil-rich nations and their respective militiamen(Mehdi Army, Basiji Militia).

There would be an immediate response on Israel's borders from Jordan, Syria & Lebanon. Not to mention Saudi Arabia. An attack would break the already weak relations between the Russia, China, India & the US.

The end all out-come could be one of only a few things-
including death, destruction and Nuclear warfare.

We can only pray the politicians//activists//writers and everyday humans globally do the right thing and put their foot down and say NO to the rising pressure for an attack against Iran.

I pray today for Jill Caroll,
but today I pray for Iran's people too.

I pray someone will think of them,
amidst this firefight of ideologues.

I pray Persia's culture may thrive-
or at least survive and...

I pray a day comes when Arabian nights,
and Arabian days- are hotter than hot,
in a lot of GOOD ways.

Luke(y) - [olivebranch]
Blogger Baghdad said...
We should not only pray for them to do the right thing but also do our best to have our 'democratic voices'(if still existing) accounted in for this decision.

Interesting article, keep it up!

May God help JIll Carroll. She is always remembered..

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