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Friday, February 10, 2006
Jill Caroll was abducted nearly a month ago and sadly the all attempts to negotiate her release have been obstructed by the refusal of the US adminitstration and military to quickly release female prisoners. In fact no effort to appease the requirements set for Jill's release have been made by the military or the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

CNN had the first article I was directed too:Captive reporter is "very short of time"
The video shows Jill more composed- a good sign I guess, and it re-iterate's the demand for the US military and the Iraqi Interior Ministry to release all female's detained in Iraq.

Why can't they at least release a list of their accused crimes to show they are criminals who can not be released? Is it becasue they are innocent, but their release is being delayed to ensure Jill's death (whoops did I say that? I meant to say so because the "do not negotiate with terrorists").

Please head over to the Christian Science Monitor website and leave letters of support and condolence for Jill. Every little thought, prayer or bit of pressure helps.

While your at it, if you are in the US- call and write and email and annoy your local Congressman or Senator. Let them know it's on their shoulders too.
thank you for this post. Jill will be very happy to read it when she is released. we all appreciate your concern. and you know what, you got the very point of not releasing the detainees. if they do, all will say that the U.S. is efeated by the insurgents. so they dont release them, even if they are innocent. the U.S. has to save face! bullshitt

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