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Friday, February 10, 2006
The Olivebranch Network is looking for writers or professionals with knowledge about or experience living in Iran//Iraq to research and present a wide range of important cultural, political and economical topics. The Network's blog can be found here: http://olivebranchoptimism.net

The network aims to build a broad, realistic picture of the internal and international aspects of Iraqi and Irani culture, eventually we hope to spread the scope further through the Middle East, but for the purpose of setting achievable goals we are beginning with these two hot-topic nations.

The writing team so far consists of four people: Baghdad Doctor, Olivebranch, Sharham Kohldi and Zeinab, Please take the time to follow each of these links for more information.

Here is a list of the topics we need people to write for (Iraq only):

Iraqi Politics
- Important developments (past & present)
- Physical changes as a result of the political process in Iraq
- fraud/corruption/abuse of power (present & past if related to a current individual/group/etc)
- the players (who they are, what is their past, ideologies, alliances)

- Who are they? (who are the “terrorists” as opposed to the “resistance”; who are the militias?)
- Differences (history, activities, loyalties, support bases)
- Ideological goals and motivations (particularly the differences)
- Changes & Events (Terrorism chased out of Anbar by resistance, Badr joining political process)

The fate of Iraqi women
- The role of women in Iraqi society (past & present)
- Womens constitutional rights in Iraq (past & present + changes)
- Physical changes on the street (past & present)
- Important events//dates (past & present)
- Islamic Law//Tribal Law in regard to women

Iraqi Hospitals//Health Care issues
- Cancer in Iraq (past & present, causes)
- Availability of supplies//medical equiptment for Iraqi hospitals//doctor’s surgeries
- Assasinations//Targetting of doctors and medical professionals
- How you can help

Iraqi Universities
- Quality of education and availability of resources
- Security conditions at Iraq’s universities
- Assasinations//Targetting of Iraq’s educated population
- Activism // Islamification // Women
- How you can help

Security forces // Coalition forces
- development of Iraqi police force (past & present)
- development of Iraqi “National Guard” (past & present)
- conditions & attitudes of US//coalition soldiers in Iraq.
- important events//dates (past & present)

- Contracts
- Actual development
- Deconstruction
- WAR damages & possible reperations

Iraqi Blogosphere
- Importance of the Iraqi blogosphere inside Iraq
- Global importance of the Iraqi blogosphere
- Development of the Iraqi blogosphere (past & present)

Islam in Iraq
- Role of Islam in Iraqi society (past & present)
- Important figures (past & present, who they are, what is their significance, who supports them)
- Traditions//Celebration//Mourning periods

Iraqi Children
- Education for children (past & present)
- Health conditions for children (past & present)
- War experiences and the effects (past & present)
- (need more topics for this important, under reported subject)

If you are interested (or know someone) who can write accuractly about one of these particular topics please e-mail Olivebranch with a little about yourself and we will get back to you ASAP.

want to know more? visit http://olivebranchoptimism.net


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