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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Valentines Day (want to celebrate a suicide?)
May I ask you a question?
Do you remember what you are celebrating on valentines day?

Valentines day is a day commemorating the sorrowfull sacrifice of a man's life- for the woman he loves. The commemoration of a suicide- not of the giving of a gift, but of the breaking of ones heart.

It's a reminder of love for all yes, that is true- infact it even reminds me to do something special for Gee , but not the kind of something you pay for.

You see the best valentines day present is not to get carried away this once a year,
but to be yourself for this whole day; to be honest and loving to your partner, to celebrate the shared life you have; and how well it works on a day to day level rather than conflicting and being impossible.

It is also a day where any sefless person can go to a sad lady or man, and tell them a few kind words to make them feel better for days. You see a girl at the train station sitting alone with no flower, no card and a glum look.

You ask her "what is wrong? did your boyfriend forget valentines day?".

If she cries and she has no valentine- you tell her she can be your valentine and give her a hug, (or visa versa if the person upset is a male!). Automatically their day is better. Something strange and exciting happened that day. It was not just a dull, lonely day where he/she was moping all day while friends were off eloping.

I know this was kind of off-topic for this blog, but there is so much attention payed to this day I thought it still important to say:

I am sure Iraq has no valentine today
Dear Iraq- don't cry today, someone loves you.
Somewhere. Here.

[olivebranch out]
p.s I love you lots&lots&lots Geeeeee
That's so noble. Happy Valentine to everyone respects love.

Blogger attawie said...
I know it's late to say Happy Valentine but I just read your post. I've been away for a while.

I read something and I thought you might like it. The journalist is a family fiend and I met the 13-years-old girl twice 2003, she was in her 20's of course.
Please fine the link and read the poem.


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