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Monday, March 06, 2006
The Brat (missing you)
I recently left home and I remember how it feels for siblings to lose their brothers or sisters who are older. I remember when my brother left the first time, oh how I cried. I remember the piece of me which felt betrayed inside. I remember the pain which I feel about now, but I know my little sister will survive somehow.

This poem reflects the way I feel about "The Brat", better known as Cazza

The Brat (missing you)

Tears run down these cheeks at night
when I think about my sisters life.
When I remember all the times that past,
the lives which left us both behind.

The friends and family I no longer see,
the past behind, what future for me?

I miss my sister this is true.

So Cassie I wish to say-
though distance and space may come between:
"I will never leave".

dedicated to Cazza
Luke(y) Skinner 6/3/06
Blogger attawie said...
Sad words.. I left my sister in Jordan and I know this feelings. Being way form my sisters I feel a part of me is missing.

Things we share with sisers are unforgetable.(who knows maybe with brothers too but I never had one)

Blogger Cazza_jane said...
thats so sweet.... :.(

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