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Monday, February 27, 2006
Iraq Violence: a message to Baghdad
Iraqi's will get through this all-out war between the extremist elements who will fight one another to their mutual deaths. This is the extremists and outsiders pushing with their entire influence to take power over one another. It is an all-out fight for Baghdad (note that other area's like Mosul are still in comparative calm).

The Interior Ministry forces are towing one line, who knows how to describe it except for "ugly".

Extremist Salafi's are playing the role of immitating Sunni Insurgents (the shrine bombing) so as to provoke Interior Ministry troops, the militia's and general Shia population. They are also killing off members of Sunni resistance groups in their struggle to maintain influence in Sunni dominated regions.

Sunni groups seem to be holding their own; but the general Sunni population in Baghdad is tense with rumours of many assasinations and kidnappings of Sunni individuals around Baghdad in recent days.

Those killing reporters, hunting Sunni's or bombing shrines will cause their own deaths. They will weaken rapidly in their all out struggle, at this time is when Iraq's intelligent class from which their are many leaders must take a stance saying "ENOUGH. STOP OR GET OUT".

It is the first time since the invasion in 2003, where there is an example of greater trust and faith being places in the new Iraqi Army, with some Sunni dominated area's requesting police be
replaced by the National Guard in their areas, since these police are often considered inefficient and corrupt.

These extremist elements have been harboured and paid off by too many people to this day.
Iraqi communities will no longer be tolerate this and will soon be forced to make their move.

I pray for the protection of the Iraqi population in this coming struggle. They say every revolution has a tipping point. Their time is coming.
Blogger attawie said...
We are all waiting for the tipping point, though many people must die and suffer.

Thanks for your prayers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your new design is looking good.

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