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The "Free Iraqi Women Prisoners, Free Jill Carrol! Petition" created by Toufic Haddad( http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/petition-sign.cgi?freejill)
calls for the speedy release of female detainees in Iraq. The release is a precondition to the release of Jill Caroll and should have been seriously considered even if Caroll was not an issue.

The Olivebranch Network calls for a speedy identifaction//release of female detainees in Iraq, and those who can't be released should have their charges made public- including the evidence which prevents them from re-entering the public.

I took the time to read the "Free Iraqi Women Prisoners, Free Jill Carrol! Petition" and while doing so came up with a new petition idea.

It is time to call on the US government and Iraqi Interior Ministry to release a comprehensive list of ALL detainees held in Iraq, and with that in mind I created the "Identify Iraq's Detainee's" petition

The petition states: To The US Government & Iraqi Interior Ministry

We call for the government of the United States of America and the Iraqi Interior Ministry to release a comprehensive list of ALL Iraqi and foreign nationals detained in Iraq.

The list should include full names(where known) of detainees, when, where and on what charges each was detained, along with their current locations.


If a full list of detainee's is released including full names, current location, charges faced, when, where and why each detainee was initially detained, it would allow Iraqi's to find missing family members and provide them with legal assistance.

The release of this list would also highlight any "pattern" or "prejudices" in who is being detained and would help stamp out corruption by removing the need for Iraqi's to use expensive "informers" inside security forces and detention centres when looking for missing friends and family.

Not only would this provide a reduction in corruption and allow detainee's to be identified by family and friends, but it would also provide a "kick start" for the legal system as families seek out lawyers and legal advice for detainees.

The list would also provide the Iraqi legal system with some authenticity and support, and if combined with a timely conviction of Saddam Hussein could prove to be an important step toward gaining "trust" between the new system of law and the general Iraqi population.

Please take the time to go sign the "Identify Iraqi's Detainee's Petition" and please leave your comments//suggestions on this important topic.
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