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Sunday, June 04, 2006
So it's been a long road and I finished my university studies for this semester. Now I need to complete my re-enrolment, book tickets for Queensland at the end of the year and start saving money for books, car registration, etc etc etc. I have been reading still so much but have not managed to write much in the way of commentary or blogs since Jill Caroll's release really... University suddenly became very busy for me and life was a bit hectic- almost overwhelming.

But hey, I pulled it all back just in time to see Australia's troops back on the streets of Dili (East Timor). Over the next few days I intend to research a bit into the role Australian troops are playing in Dili and maybe a bit into the history of what happened after the last international intervention- when East Timor became independant of Indonesia via referendum.

I have heard some negative rumours and I am sure some will prove to be true; that doesn't mean the intervention wasn't a necessary.

more soon.
[olivebranch out]!
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