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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
General David Petraeus
Just a quote, nothing more:

(talking about what makes a successfull army officer//leader)

"It's the hard work of drinking tea with the locals, delivering air conditioners to the mosques, meeting with the neighborhood clerics, getting to know the imams, and all the rest of that," he says. "You gotta build institutions, not just units." - General David Petraeus.
Blogger Old Broad said...
I found you via FIONA's place.
This old liberal grandma from Texas is most honored to meet you.
Keep fighting for change. Keep fighting for peace.
You have friends.
Even in Texas.

Blogger David said...
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Blogger Caesar of Pentra said...
I've posted something interesting on my blog and it's important to me to have your say! A viewpoint is valuable for me from a blogger like you!

Blogger Caesar of Pentra said...
Have you linked mine, david??? :P

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