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Monday, September 12, 2005
Regular readers of this blow will know a little about SCIRI and Badr's Brigade by now. Even if you know nothing about them, this is a story I just found from a new iraqi blogger.

This new blogger writes brilliantly, here is a link to his blog


Well done my friend.

SCIRI and Badr's Brigade are virtually considered the leaders of Iraq at the moment. Their votes make up much of the support base for the Shia coalition currently 'controlling' Iraq.

Recently they have conflicted with Sadr supporters, since SCIRI and Badr's brigade want an Islamic Republic or Federalism so as to create a Irani-style Theocracy in the South of Iraq...

They are the biggest threat to Iraq's future right now, and are still NOT OPPOSED by the COALITION PROVISIONAL AUTHORITY.

Here is an example of their sheer contempt for Iraqi's lives.

Last Sunday, Aug. 7, was the second anniversary of Muhammed Baqir Hakim, former president of SCIRI who was killed in Najaf Aug. 2003 in the second biggest car bomb in Iraq after the UN HQ one. The way Badr troops spread in the streets was scary. People in dark camouflage uniforms armed with AK47s and daggers in their belts. They manned checkpoints in Karrada neighborhood in eastern Baghdad, where SCIRI offices and an entrance to the green zone are. They pointed their weapons haphazardly to anyone they liked. And us, the people, had no courage to even complain. They decided where cars go and which street is opened and which is not. You could see people leaving their buses and taxis and walk to their destinations, because a place that took two hours driving to reach that day, didn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes walking. Baghdad’s eastern part was almost jammed that day. The reason was that Badr troops blocked Karradad because the celebration of Hakim’s death was in SCIRI offices and all the government top officials attended it. They had to protect their officials. Let people go to hell.
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