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Friday, September 02, 2005
Poetry of a girl merely 10 years old,
with words I do not understand,
but emotions and feelings that anyone can relate to.

This girl is just like Sunshine, only she is an artist.

"Akaine" was a feature on Oprah, and I found a link to her work through another blogger.

She was 10yrs old or younger when she wrote the following poetry

By the Light
Against the ocean waves
My senses hold the eroded canyons
On a nine mile cliff today I see God
From different scenes all in sync

Where inspiration is under construction
Where I keep afloat the universe
Where the boat never sinks the boat
Where tasting sweet air and scared of heights
The footsteps explore the drop-offs

Only from the dark coal tunnels
White diamonds come
But only by the light
They are recognized

Staining the Rust
Gazing through the dew inside the glass -
the future...

No stones to hide under -
the past...

Shoreless shore -
the memory...

Under emotional microscope -
the stillness is fast...

Near each gasping grasp -
the air...

Stuck back to back -
the friendship dawns...

Grinding the bark -
the stumps...

Behind every horizon -
there is another one

Chipped View
If some are chosen to bow down to wear the yokes
Some are chosen to live in a spark
The scabs are puzzled everlastingly
Weaned honor is delivered in the midst of dark

Bowing to themselves the crownless kings
Sit in their own bent thrones
As cattle live in castles full of lion clawprints
Life becomes the play with ashes of the drones

Before the glass palaces – the sand
Before ruby swords – the fists
Before the chipped heaven – the chipped view
The nestlings in the marble nests

Is this not extreme talent?
Do girls like this, najma and sunshine not surely play a major role in our future?

Should we not have better representation of females everywhere at all times in all aspects except those where they already the overly-dominant force :)
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