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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Well I blogged previously asking for you to pray for my grandad and Khalid. Khalid was released so thank you all so very very much for this your help.

My grandad got sicker, but now is walking without the help of oxygen on a daily basis, something he hasn't been able to do since several years before his lung transplant. Thank you for your prayers, thanks god, Allah, me & you, the doctors, my family everyone/thing else for answering these prayers so well.

Life is good right now. Things are great with my girlfriend Georgia (who has a new post on her BLOG ), and my Mother is working hard @ uni and work. My lil sister Cassie is about to do a solo @ the masse choir fest here in Perth, infront of thousands of people (not the first time, she will do great).

@ uni I am learning about patience, as well as about journalism codes & conventions, referencing, sourcing etc etc etc.

I am writing a SHORT STORY of 1000-1200 words as an assignment.. The main characters and James Lucas and Khalid Jarrar who live thousands of miles apart but share the same timeframe & emotions over two seperate tragedies.

Wait and see before you speculate, I think it can work.

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