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Monday, July 18, 2005
(Khalid Updates)
((This post will be continuosly updated, so please keep reading down, because I want to be able to copy & paste this post for emails, so it needs to be kept in order.. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is an important issue, and those emails are important. I am glad to see people are keeping up-to-date with this issue, ive had over 120 hits in 3 days, which is a heap for me

UPDATE: I have called the "Australian Broadcasting Corporation" and spoken to a high quality Journalist about this, they are now following the story and waiting for any updates to be released. Thank you staff @ ABC Television for your care a quick response, and particularly to Jonathan Beal, the journalist I am corresponding with on this issue.--- I hope this helps @ your end, even if it is just the feeling of having moral support behind you...

UPDATE #2: I have informed the Committee to Protect Bloggers of what has happened, and also Journalists Without Borders. It seems Khalid had some great friends that he spoke to over the net, and they are all watching, reading, repeating and asking questions. Keep it up everyone, call your local media companies, TV news stations, Radio Stations etc and tell them that an innocent Iraqi friend of yours has been Abducted by the Iraqi Secret Police, without given reason, with no given court date or offence... Tell them about these blogs and especially about Khalid's and his Families Blogs

I am sorry to those who have turned to asking me what to do that I do not have a better answer, but whilst we are awaiting news about Khalid's situation there is nothing but awareness raising that we can achieve... Linking with these media networks on this situation will allow me to easily get the story out when news does come in, because I have already been told that an investigation would likely be run on TV here in perth if the situation so requires it.

last known point of contact from Khalid Jarrar before he was taken by the Iraqi mukhaborat was an e-mail to Mike on Monday the 11th of July

It would take a brave person, but someone should ring the american's on a phone and tell them that the Iraqi Mukhabarat have abducted Khalid Jarrar, and that he is not guilty of any crime and that hundreds of people are already working to inform the world media... They should act quickly to avoid leaving the Iraqi Security forces looking un-trained under public scrutiny through the media!!!!

Ok, the last update was saturday and it seems the ball is rolling now. I have just informed John Martinkus of the Australian SBS, who himself was abducted in Iraq. I am currently working on informing CBC and BBC, who Khalid had connections with, so is Mike Allen.

A petition was created days ago and is being greated with popular support sign it here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/820522461?ltl=1121603411

Khalid's family and friends also released a popular blog yesterday, it can be found at- http://giveusourkhalidback.blogspot.com/ <-- fixed this link, thanks Mike for pointing out I had written the address wrong.

I also found some terrible news on Raed's blog- quote :

"On another note, it seems that the new Iraqi courts don't guarantee the right to lawyers: prisoners are neither offered the help of a public defender nor can they bring their own lawyers. News about my sibling is so confusing, but we're expecting to know more tomorrow. There are more than ten thousand people in the US prisons in Iraq, and other thousands in Iraq's governmental and paramilitary jails. Everyone deserves to have the right of a phone call to inform his family about his location and status after being arrested, everyone deserves the right of having a trial and knowing what he or she is charged with, and everyone deserves to have a lawyer for his trial."

Have also spoken to some quakers, who I will talk more with later.... This is about all I can do for now, i understand others have contacted "the Gaurdian", al-jazeera, the Iraqi embassy in USA, will post again tonight... follow the links for more info, particularly raed's blog and giveusourkhalidback!

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