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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Examining Rising Discontent Around The Globe

In this post I am going to attempt to professionally answer a question I have made for my own consumption/answering, because I want a suitable answer!

Is there Discontent and/or Rising Discontent around the globe in 2005? What makes you believe this, and how does this effect the future of global stability?

{{{{Answer the question: "There are two types of discontent in the world-"
Establish the importance of Discontent. Establish the difference between discontent (USA pre september 11, [florida voting]) and Rising discontent (the USA since the PATRIOT ACT).}

There are two types of discontent present in the world in 2005, one of which will effect the future more immediately than the other. The first is the kind where people mumble at home, complain about work and are not quite happy with their leaders. This type of discontent does not head towards immediate conflict with the government because life is generally still bearable. In the United States of America (USA), and around the globe this was present for many years pre-September 11, particularly towards the US gov't and 'US Interests' around the globe. After September 11 the American public was left scared and open to exploitation, their government responded by introducing the oppressive US-PARTRIOT ACT.

This response by the US gov't was the catalyst for what I call the "Rising Discontent" that has gripped the USA and much of the world since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. This second kind is bringing imminent change, Non-Government Organisations (NGO's), anti-war activists and bloggers have become major players even as the United Nations is undermined by US unilateralism and its unhelpful 'Veto' system.

In the words of Kofi Annan July 4th 2005 to the "make poverty history" concerts, and its estimated 3billion viewers world-wide (though I doubt 3billion people ever watch a television in one day...) "YOU TRUELY ARE THE UNITED NATIONS". The only time nations are truely united these days seems to be when they are expressing a universal voice of discontent towards the policies of the government of today's policy towards others, usually the less fortunate, and more often than not indigenous people.

As a result of this rising discontent we will see much change in the USA post 2005, teed off by the congressional hearings initiated by congressman John Conyers and bloggers world-wide on the Downing Street Minutes (DSM) just days ago.

{{{{Introduce the argument to prove discontent in the world outside the USA pre-September 11. }}}}

First thought that comes to my head when I think to prove discontent outside of the USA pre-September 11, is September 11 itself. An act of terror such as this should not lightly be discarded as a bunch of extremist with hatered of Westerners'. If a grudge is held against someone, there is usually a reason, or an association involved. This is certainly the case with September 11, and the reason for this grudge is the same as the causes of discontent around most of the globe: "US Interests".

To finish the point I started on before moving along, "US Interests" in Kuwait and Iraq in 1991 were what caused a once American-friendly terror leader to turn against his allies. The stationing of 250,000 NON-MUSLIM US Soldiers in Saudi Arabia, the home of the Powerful Bin Laden Family and the most holy site of Islam, Mecca was enough to get on the nerves of Saudi Arabia's most religiously respected man, Osama Bin Laden. This was not all, US interest in Saudi oil and the soldiers disrespect for Saudi religion and tribal traditions exaserbated the situation. In Osama's view, it was against the Wahhabi Muslim teaching to allow non-Muslims to use Saudi soil for an attack against fellow Muslims.

Well, we all know what happend to Osama, he was extrodited to Afghanistan and Pakistan where he could grow his militia with the funding of the Bin Laden Corporation, and without interference by the US as part of an agreement between Saudi Royals, the Bin Laden Group, and the US ambassdor. It is the highest offense to chase an al-Saud or a Bin Laden, and would not be good for US interests in Saudi Oil.

So eventually they struck embassies, a US warship, the Twin Towers with a truck, and then there was September 11. Since then Al-Qaeda is a household name, Bin Laden is the Bin Liner joke of the day. If that is not a sign of discontent, then what is?

Outside of the Middle-East pre-September 11 there was also much discontent in South America towards US policies and the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which virtually ripped poor land owners land from under their feet and sold it to US Corporations for large sums of US$. NAFTA was put into effect on January 1994 and with it came immediate and fearsome discontent.

The Zapatista Revolution began that New-Years-Day in Chiapas, South Mexico. It inspired the disgruntled masses in Latin America towards revolution, away from supporting the USA. Though it was crushed with military force backed by the Mexican and US gov'ts, the revolutionaries had won a great victory. The world awoke to what was happening in Latin America, and many concessions had to be made by Latin American governments to revoultionary peasants in the years following.

Though this was the cause of rising discontent in 1994, by 2001 many of the governments over Latin America had been overthrown, voted out or undergone solialist revolution. Evidently, their people could no longer handle the lack of land or food in their resource rich countries, another of many significant sources of discontent in South America.

The consequential emergence of Venezualan President Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian Alternative was a point of hope that kept the reformist ball rolling in South America, and continues to be a historical turning point in Latin history to this very day. Thus the exaserbated discontent of 1994 had climatized in revolution and social change in the late 1990's, and is beginning to sooth and calm as Latin Governments begin addressing the issues and causes of discontent together.

This in itself, is a major cause of discontent for the government of the United States of America who gets approximately 1/3 of its oil supply from the oil fields of Venezuela, who has become the front-runner of countries seeking to diversify its economical ties away from the United States of America due to its imminent demise.

So as you see, there was much discontent in the world leading up to september 11, and this is without addressing the issues of Africa, which I feel I am unqualified to comment on because it is not one of the area's I have researched extensively.

{{{{Establish link between this discontent and the US domination of the UN, or US interest in regions of unusually high discontent.}}}}

It is important when studying discontent to examine the main root-cause, before examining the causes of specific cases as they may be exaserbated by the original and underlying feelings of distrust amongst humans.

I believe that for as long as I remember the USA and Israel have been the leading causes of global discontent. With it's "War on Drugs", the "Cold War", its refusal do disarm its nuclear arsenal when Gorbachev offered a mutual disarmament in 1989-1991 before the collapse of the soviet union. To the more modern discision by General Wesley Clark during the 1998 invasion of Kosovo to declare a "full-scale invasion of Russia".

Whether it is on the Korean Peninsula, trouble with spy planes over China in 2002, or the problems between Palestine and Israel, American Interests seem to lay at the center of a vast majority of the discontent around the world. Even here in Western Australia, the example that America has layed is being followed by our Federal Parliament and is causing some of the greatest Union Strikes of all time, along with the worlds largest ever strikes/rallies in 2003 over the US-led INVASION OF IRAQ, and the "US-seaswap" and their Navy boys chatting up our 13year old girls in the city as I once saw. (Naturally I yelled out, "LEAVE HER ALONE YOU SEEDY OLD BASTARD" and everyone looked at him, so he dissapeared). US Policy towards others seems to be a "you give, we take" policy.

When our dearest Australian Prime Minister John Howard was negotiating a "free-trade agreement" with the USA, all the US wanted was a "free export" agreement where they could send us whatever they wanted, particularly their media and medical supplies (though our medical and scientific medicine research teams are the best in the world), while our end of the deal was a rip off. Fortunately some of it was blocked by the Labor Party, and much was forced out of the tight-assed US gov't eventually.

This kind of attitude, even towards a potentially critical allie with a major cash surplus and billions of dollars worth of natural resources such as gas, coal, gold, silver, bauxite, uranium, iron-ore is what will prevent the USA from recovering from its current situation of weakness, it still believes itself to be the ruler of the world, but its servants no longer say "how high".

Another way of viewing a hot-spot of discontent is to see how the United Nations has been labelled as "weak" and "fragile". The power of the US government to Veto has been abused, but who is going to react? It seems that the UN has earnt itself another enemy that it really should be trying to bring in as its only allie against the US domination of the world, and that is the "Second Superpower", or the people around the world brave enough to stand up and say "WE WILL BE COUNTED AS BEING AGAINST THESE GLOBALLY OPPRESSIVE POLICIES".

In 2003, the UN was slipped document after document, speach after speach of absolute rubbish from the Bush Administration, and many members of the UN security council were folly enough to support the Bush Administration's invasion plans, despite proof that the US government had fixed the "facts" and "evidence" to fit its plans to secure a base for US interests in the Middle-East. The Downing Street Memo emerged as further proof of this later in 2003, and its successfull gain of congressional support and the signatures of over 580,000 US citizens for an official investigation into the administrations bending of the rules and lying about facts pre-invasion.

The United Nations still failed to respond, no disciplinary action has been taken on the USA such as sanctions, or even the threat of sanctions. It has officially declared its annoyance at the USA acting unilaterally against its wishes but wh00p-de-d00, do you really think this will change Bush's mind? Now you can see how this becomes frustrating to the other, lesser-powers around the globe, and how individuals like myself who study this are getting ever impatient and angrier daily as nothing changes except the suffering of Iraqi's worsening.

This is where the Rising Discontent begins to show, from within my very own soul and onto these pages.

{{{{Outline the typical effects/signs of Rising Discontent, give examples. (eg Russian Proletariat, Peasantry in 1914-17) .}}}}

Rising discontent is often the catalyst for revolution.

{{{{Argue how this started the process of Rising Discontent that now grips the public of the USA (Fear [relate Gun Purchases], the color-coded system of alerts [and its flaws], wanting more democracy).}}}}

{{{{Other contributors to Rising Discontent (Economic Distress, Losing a War, Lack Of Confidence in Gov't [DSM], Wanting new Leader [Fuck/Impeech Bush Campaign], Ohio votes scandal)}}}}

{{{{Compare this Rising discontent to other more global forms. Introduce problems such as those in East Europe (Ukraine Elections etc), USA[Anti-War Movement, Bloggers, DSM], Chiapas Mexico [Zapatista Revolution], Venezuala [Bolivarian Revolution], Saudi Arabia, Iran, Palestine/Israel, the Taiwan Straight, North/South Korea, Rwanda and consequently The Congo, Zimbabwe, Iraq.}}}}

{{{{Debate the questions: What is being done to tackle this Rising Discontent?? What will happen if nothing is done?}}}}

{{{{Solutions: My new suggestions for the UN (allowing in General Public/NGO's to fill its rank/file jobs, provide free training/equiptment transport etc, become mediator and facilitator independant from gov't support. Use the underground that is out there, don't reject it. Rejecting it makes further warfare, the General Public are the only ones who can stand up against Militia's, so let them in.)}}}}

{{{{Conclusion: Purpose of this article, and one last question: Who will lead this movement, and how will we do it peacefully?}}}}
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