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Friday, July 01, 2005
Emotions, Lung Transplants, Doctors and Life
This is a one-in-a-million blog for me.

I want to talk about the things happening in my life.

Firstly, my mothers father (my 'Grandad')- who was never much of a grandad, specially since I was 8 years old when he last saw me, was today the third person in Western Australia to ever have recieved a Lung Transplant.

A young 16-year old was in a car in April, when his 17 year old friend was driving. The driver was hooning around alot, while the 16 year old passenger was throwing things and hanging out the window.

They drove to close to something (a pole?), and consequently the 16yr old was left in a coma until last night, Thursday June 31 when he sadly passed away.

This boys family must be extremely sad and I feel for them, but I hope they find some kind of reconcile in the knowledge that their sons death atleast saved the lives of two others. My grandad recieved his Lung, and another man recieved his heart.

It is likely other organs were donated too but this is all I know. My family is in a bit of shock, but to me it means very little, except that my mother will need some extra support from me and that I MAY POSSIBLY have my grandfather enter my life for the first time in over 10 years.

It reminds me of my mothers upbringing, in the lower working class in England. Her father left her mother (my Nanna) when my mother was young, 10 or 12 I think. He then played very little part in their lives, spent very little time with his three daughters (Aunty T[racey]), (Aunty J[anet]) and Linda (Mum). He neglected his own family as if he did not know what being a father meant, yet the girls do not hold it against him(too much anyways). Family is a wonderful thing.

It makes me feel lucky to have my father and my mother both present in my life, however I do know how it feels to lose a close relative. My oldest brother Tim, who I have always looked up to has not seen nor spoken to me or my family for many years now. The reason: Tim took drugs, too many drugs, and they made him do bad things.

It is a terrible thing to wonder where he is, what he is doing and hope he is O.K with no way of knowing other than my own intuition. I know if I could find him he would speak to me, he is just to scared to speak to my dad, because of the past.

Still I am all the wiser and that much stronger because of it.

I hope this kids family, the 16 yr old whose lung is now inside a member of my family suffers no more tragedy. I pray to God, to Allah, to the Universe and myself that my grandfather makes use of this gift. That it makes him realise how important family is and that some OTHER FAMILY HAS LOST ITS SON, AND THEY WOULD WANT HIM TO RECONCILE WITH HIS DAUGHTERS.

I am sure that I could bring much hapiness to this mans life, much joy in knowing that from his spawn has come intelligent life, emotional life that is determined to succeed in life. If he were closer to my mother, he would see her academia(stupidwordihateit), her love for her children and friends and the adoration she holds in the eye of everyone she knows.

In my Aunty Tracey he would see a feiry, strong woman determined to help others who have suffered emotionally like her self, to prevent them falling into the traps she has seen or herself been a victim of. He would see a mother that is funny, tender and firm with her children, whose children obey her and are both extremely intelligent and strangely wise.

In my Brother he would see the masterfull chef, the happy-go-lucky man that everyone loves despite his many loveable downfalls.

In Aunty Janet and her son he would see will power and strength, pride and wisdom combined with resourcefullness and experience. Though everyone has their downfalls, aunty J's are mostly related to her dominating personality and loud approach to life, they are also, from another view also her best and strongest points(as a mother, particularly a single mother, masculinity is also a plus when raising a little boy). I hope she gets to keep Mitchy(my cousin), because she has done a good job raising him and I don't think things would be better off for him with Unkle Chip(his father), as Chip is very straight edge/strict, very intrusive and very opinionated, often to the point of arrogance.

My point is that this man should be proud of his family, of my little sister who should be a star singer, with the voice of an angel and maturity well beyond her years, of my cousins Jess&Jake, of Mitch, of Mattie, of ME. He should be proud of his daughters, and he should speak to their mother, my beloved Nanna wise, funny and strong. Fuck knows how she managed to raise this family on her own, without support, with little money.

She has done a very very splendid job and I wish I showed her more. I will show her more, how much she really has accomplished.

This evening has been another eye-opener, hopefully not just for me.

This family should be proud, should be strong and together not apart. Grandad should show some interest, should dare to engage in conversation with my ever witty Nanna, and should enjoy for the rest of his life what is a strong, sensible and proud family.

Best wishes to Grandad, and to the family which his lung belongs too.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
well written and thought out, I agree Dad

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