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Thursday, June 02, 2005
Bizzare Idea
At the moment I have a saw wrist so I am trying to avoid typing a hell of a lot,
but a strange thought has inspired me, from the words of an accidentally brilliant friend [Grug].

I asked him, "Do you think the troops should be in Iraq"
his answer was simple, "Yes, but dont ask why."

Greg is intelligent and moderate, and he also respects my knowledge about the situation in Iraq. He obviously reads a fair bit of the case against the troops being there, particularly given that many of his best friends are deeply involved in said case.

- Anyways, Jonno, my other friend, inevitably asked the question "why?"

Another simple, intelligent answer.

" I'm partial, I think they need to fix what they destroyed!"

Okay, I cant argue with that. I wont argue with that. Infact, I agree.

Well that bugged me. I agree that the troops can't just leave, but FUCK, thats exactly what I WANT THEM TO DO. You, if you are a regular reader can imagine what this does to a brain and a heart like myn....

So I pondered, with my knowledge of Iraq, with my emotions and with some kind of a prayer I came up with an answer.........

A ceasefire.

The Americans ground their troops, choppers, aircrafts. Secure their bases, lay down their weapons in the towns and cities. Their presence as a military force dissapears.

We replace them with the same men, in slightly modified, less offensive uniforms. With a code of conduct.

Their jobs are to "RECONSTRUCT IRAQ'S INFRASTRUCTURE" and to import food stuffs and medical equiptment and distribute them from temporary Army installations in all towns, set up in agreeance with tribal leaders, religious/clerical leaders and the general population. Who will provide securtiy for them with Iraqi people themselves.

Monetary loss in Iraq must be written off before it gets higher. The USA is on its way down, and it can't take the world with it. We are too diverse now, too intelligent to be reliant on a strong US economy. The American economy is being balanced by the temporarily dependant East-Asian countries and South America, who are diversifying at a phenomenal rate to avoid the impending catastrophe.

It is only sensible for the US to leave Iraq as soon as possible, and it is even more sensible to leave on a note that will leave the rest of the world less-angry with the USA.

At the moment the world knows its domination by the USA is over, and the USA is on its way down kicking and screaming. If the Americans can fix some of what they have destroyed before they fall too far to be able too, then they will be spared a little humiliation and floated somewhat by the world.

They will be spared the suffering we see in Africa and other place, if they only care a little for people in such places, before their care has no influence left at all... They still have the potential for such greatness, but unless they grasp it now, then they shall surely succumb to Economic Depression.

The monetary loss Iraq has been so-far is less daunting for G.W.Bush than the impending impeachment after the 100,000 people sign up to the Downing Street Petition, launched in the USA asking Bush to answer questions put to him by the opposition and his own administration.

He will be held accountable. We will make sure of it this time.

Australians wont stand by and watch our PM suck up to Bush and his rich cronies as he falls down into his self-dug grave. We also wont just watch as Bush just gets away with immoral actions and deveiving the Australian, American and world public sector.

We want Bush to be an example of what we would do to Howard if he did the same to us as Bush has to the American citizens. Some of us want revenge on the half of Iraqi's aswell, we wont Howard held accountable for his part in sending Australians to Iraq against popular public opinion.

Bush will learn that lying to the extent he has can come unravelled fast, and that there is a Second Superpower now.

It is here, in these blogs, in the streets world-wide in 2003, in the streets of Syria, Lebanon, and in Palestine in 2005, and in our own hearts and our own minds every single last day of our lives.
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