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Thursday, May 26, 2005
Unexpected Change
Sorry to my regular readers (Najma particularly :D),due to a few un-forseen Tornado's (which never ever usually happen in Western Australia)... the few days of resulting dodgy-power and then work and taking my girlfriend to get an RSI injury examined by a specialist and other such things, I have been unable/unwilling to blog in what little spare time was left.

But after speaking to my girlfriend yesterday, I feel that since this is my passion and writing is where my future lays, that I will promise to blog consistently whenever possible from now on.

I will also try to include a larger part of my own writings, opinions and experiences. So far, this blog has for me been mainly a way of relating to Iraqi's, and of preserving their stories, more than it has been of expressing my own views.

Well, sometimes that is better anyway.

I cannot tell the story of an Iraqi whose friend narrowly survived a car-bomb and the related fear for the life of a friend better than an Iraqi can himself.

How ever, If I get in to the habit of writing in like that, things in my own life which effect war often get overlooked, and sometimes I forget that my own life actually does matter.

So from now on you will notice a change in the posts, but the information will remain of high quality and hopefully high quantity. My opinions will be expressed strongly and I will still post links to stories of Iraqi's and other war-related issue's on my blog.

Check out the next post in a couple of hours, one about what I am currently centering my life around, re-building the anti-war movement and in particular the group which inspired me so much in 2003, Youth and Students Against War (YSAW).

[olivebranch out]
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