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Sunday, May 01, 2005
My email to the Prime Minister
This written by me just prior to March 20th 2003, Invasion day, a sad day world-wide.
- [olivebranch]

A few words to share, as the first Highschool Student of Youth and Students Against War - I'd like to say something about the rage, anger, sadness, empathy, but most of all, the feeling of helplessness, without the help from my own government to save MY future, and that of my peers of which very few disagree, war is evil, we dont want it, and never will, its not your future, its my future that you kill.

Your futures now, your futures here,
our future is coming, and for it we fear,
war and death, and childrens screams
its not the future, we see in our dreams

you brought this war, and the pain
our lost dream future, it's you i blame
if you spent, just one day with me
you'd see our choice, you'd hear our plee

maybe then, after you could see
in your hands, is our lives living free
then the choice, we'd leave to thee
in your hands, our lives war-free.

we had no choice, we had no say
but we're the ones, the ones who pay
a future of war, our lives now grey
my pain and hurt, is your fault today.

Thanks for reading, i hope it makes you see, that this war his impact on every person,
all walks of life, we do care, we do know. The facts are - the people are smart,
we read what is written, and spoken, and taped, accept though what you say, we do not.
The lies, the propaganda, your tretchery will be remembered by the people forever,
especially us youth, YOUR future, and the future of all your relatives,
friends and associates.
Blogger A Free Writer said...
Yes my friends , I knew very well haw much dirty are the wars. I spent best 10 years from my youth in war frontiers , just asked God to keep me away from harming any one and he accepted my prays.
After those years I can see it was all for nothing but for bad politics .Now we are asking assistances for our sick children and for poor citizens , while our country was one of the richest in the world on day.
I hope you learn from our faults and save your future.
Good Luck all

Blogger Truth teller said...
As free writer said, we all, in Iraq know well what a war mean, because any ordinary person spent at least 10 years of his life in war.
Keep on your antiwar activity for the sake of the humanity.

PS: I put a link to your blog,in mine. I hope you agree with that.

Blogger olivebranch said...
Thanks! I appreciate the linking from your page, how else am I going to get my opinion out to you guys, or to those who are interested in what you have to say!

Blogger Ninnevah said...
did you actually send this? or at least try to get it published in the local newspapers. its the least we can do, to let those who are a million miles away from any war inflictd area, who take peace for granted, to know what its really like being apart of a war.

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